Stainless Steel Diamond Plate

Stainless Steel Diamond PlateStainless steel diamond plate is also known by three other names. It can be called (or found under) tread plate, checker plate, and floor plate. Stainless steel diamond plate is recognized by the raised diamond-shape pattern on the surface. This raised pattern reduces the risk of slipping and falling when walking on stainless steel diamond plate. The pattern, traditionally, was rolled on to the plate. Today, however, there are ways to imprint the diamond pattern either by raising it or pressing it onto the plate.

Typically stainless steel diamond plate is lightweight. It is also easy to keep clean. It is not hard to maintain. If the stainless steel diamond plate is outdoors (or in a garage or warehouse), then a power washer can be used to spray the dirt and debris from it. Indoors a simple mop and broom can be used. Since it is made of stainless steel, it is usually rust-resistant and extremely durable.

Due to the durability, safety, and low maintenance of stainless steel diamond plate, there are many typical uses. Some of the most common uses are ramps, walkways, and industrial flooring. However, stainless steel diamond plate is often found as the flooring of ambulances and fire truck footplates, too. It makes it safer for the Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs) and firefighters to maneuver in their vehicles without the fear of injury. Other uses for stainless steel diamond plate are items like chair rails, garage cabinets, and tool boxes for pick-up truck beds. They can also be used as wall panels or rock guards on trucks and trailers. They can be used to make decorative items like kitchen cabinets and ceiling fans (if they are cut). Stainless steel diamond plate can be used to make corner guards for walls and crown and base moulding for walls, ceilings, and floors. Other uses are wall shelves for a garage and kick plates for doors or vehicles.