Shower Splash Guard

Shower Splash GuardHas it ever occurred with you, that when you’re taking a nice shower and all the water splashes out of the bathtub making a big pool of water on the flooring? Isn’t it annoying that you have to be alert even in the shower to avoid the floor getting wet. Not any more, all your troubles and tension days are over with the invention of the shower splash guard. A useful and a simple idea brought into reality.

Shower splash guards are an enduring bathroom fixture which is installed on the bathtub. Made from plastic or glass this triangular piece of bathroom accessory prevents the water leaking and splashing out on the flooring.

These shower splash guards are usually installed in rectangular bathtubs surrounded by three walls. These handy shower splash guards keep the curtain liner against the wall which in return prevents the water from leaking out and causing a hurdle to clean.

Shower splash guard is designed in an L shaped and comes in various sizes, designs and colour. The most common ones used are white plastic and ceramic ones along with clear glass ones as well. Choose depending on which type will blend in with other bathroom accessories.

The water leaked out from the shower and bathtub not only creates a water mess, rather it also spoils the bathroom flooring. Excessive water storage can damage the tiles and even cause seepage. This whole process can be quite costly and time consuming to replace the whole bath area and making plasters. Save yourself with this big trouble and get shower splash guards now.

Shower splash guards are easy to install and bring into use. You don’t need any professional to fix them; rather you yourself can set up the shower splash guards on the bathtub. The first step involves measuring the length of the shower or bathtub area. Depending on the size of the area choose the right size of the shower splash guards. The second step involves cleaning the wall and the tub both and set it to dry because the splash guard fixes on both the wall and the tub. The third step is taking the paper off the shower splash guard and sticking it on the wall and bathtub. The shower splash guard is fixed on both sides of the bathtub using the same installation process. Place your shower curtain along the shower guards and free yourself from this water pool. This bathroom fixture blends in and becomes a part of the bathroom d