Security Window Film

Security Window FilmSpeaking of security, there are numerous things that’d come to your mind. Security for your home is of paramount importance, especially in circumstances that have seen the world ravaged in terrorism and vandalism. Providing for adequate and gratifying security is everybody’s prerogative, if not a compulsion. This article talks about security for windows of your house and the potency of the Security window film in providing your home and windows with adequate security.

Here is all that you need to know about the Security window film.
The 3m Security window film, the most talked about and highly effective window film is designed to preclude break-ins and window breakages. You can be assured of the fact that thieves or other elements that are existing to cause harm, are kept at bay. Now this is just the basic understanding of the Security window film. To know more about how the system works and specific advantages it has to offer, let us read further.
The most notable design feature of the 3m Security window film is that the whole system is designed so effectively that glass pieces, when impacted are held together and are prevented from shattering and causing undesirable situations. While the glass of the window is hit, the main glass piece, in the worst case scenario, will only crack and not perish into tattered pieces.

The 3m security window film is available with different designs meant to serve a wide range of purposes. Sun protection systems are also embedded in the 3m Security window film.
The prestige series:
This series of Security window films has been designed to incorporate a whole new range of safety features. Here are a few highlights about the 3m Security window film prestige series.
– The 3m system comes with a staggering 28 micro layers that provide supreme protection against shattering. The tear resistant layers offer superb durability and resistance.
– Although the security window film comes with enhanced safety features such as ultra violet protection, the appearance and light penetration does not change. That is, the film allows good amounts of light to enter your home, not hampering penetration.
– Now here is the most reckoning fact. The 3m Prestige security window film blocks over 60 percent of the heat that comes in through the window. This allows your home to remain cool even in the occasion of increased heat and humidity.
– Also, the security window fill blocks a staggering 97 percent of infrared rays coming from the sun. This fact along with blocking 60 percent of the heat coming in through windows make the 3m security film one of the most sought after and efficient security window film in the market.
Different technologies, notable the ultra series comes with forty two micro layers for enhanced protection and durability.

Bottom Line: Putting it in a nutshell, security window films are extremely important in the present day, especially considering the heightened effects of global warming and climate change. Knowing you are safe in the place you live is perhaps as important as living itself.