Rubber Vinyl Stair Treads

Rubber Vinyl Stair TreadsStair treads have recently become the solution to frequent accidents on stairs in our homes, office
buildings, apartments, hospitals, schools, factories, churches, hotels, restaurants, theatres, factories,
institutions; and any other place that humans tend to move in and out for commercial, residential or
industrial purposes. Several materials are used to install stair treads including the rubber vinyl treads
which ensure a strong grip thus reducing slipping and falling and are also attractive to look at.

Rubber vinyl stair treads ensure that the stairways and staircases are as safe as possible to walk on.
Many different designs and shapes for rubber vinyl stair treads have recently come up so as to cater for
the high demand for stair treads due to the increased frequency of accidents. Rubber Vinyl stair treads
are made from different blend of attractive colours and shapes thus consumers have a wide variety of
options to choose from.

Apart from the fact that rubber vinyl star treads ensure a strong grip on wood, tiled, concrete or
terrazzo steps and general safety footing, they can also muffle footsteps and cover up noisy stairways
that are most of the times inconvenient and embarrassing. A noisy stairway is usually a sign of a
technical fault on the stairway but it can also be due to the material used for the flooring of the steps
which produces some sound when a shoe comes into contact with. Therefore a stairway that has rubber
vinyl installed has the ability to absorb or produce minimal to no sound at all when using the steps.

Rubber Vinyl stair treads also improve the general appearance of old or worn out stairs. Due to the
availability of this type of stair treads in various attractive designs, they are able to give a fresh and new
look to previously unattractive steps a more pleasant look. This is so because they come in variety of
attractive colours, prints and styles and have matching landing tiles and matching stair risers. They also
help in maintaining and lengthening the lifespan of our staircases as act as a protective cover against
regular wear and tear caused by several elements like moisture and dust.

Another merit of the rubber vinyl stair tread is that it is a very cost effective method in both creating a
safety measure to prevent slipping and reducing costs incurred and regular floor maintenance of the
stair ways. It is never easy to find solutions for treads that all ensure safety, attractiveness and pocket
friendly but rubber vinyl treads are an exception. They are easily installed with nails, tacks or industrial
glues to ensure they tightly hold the surface and prevent lifts which might also lead to major trips and
falls. They are made in different thicknesses and purchase his or her preferred thickness according to
the frequency in movement on the stairway on a daily basis. Some even have a nose which can be
adjusted so as to correspond to the exact measurements and fittings of the particular stairway.