Rubber Stair Treads Outdoor

rubber stair treads outdoor

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Protect yourself,your family or your business and clients with rubber stair treads outdoor use. Made from 100% recycled material, these will be a long lasting solution to the problem of slippery exterior stairs. Weather conditions can cause buildup of snow and ice on outdoor steps. Stairs that are shaded stay damp longer and are vulnerable to moss growth. Accumulated debris can cause a misstep. With the raised diamond design of rubber stair treads outdoor, water does not sit at the surface to freeze and pose a hazard. Small debris falls to the bottom, reducing mishaps due to poor footing. The raised diamond design keeps the surface on the top of the step dryer, cleaner and safer.

Recommended for any outdoor use, rubber stair treads outdoor have been tested and proven to withstand extreme weather conditions. They are also durable enough to take the added pressure of cleats or blades for use in outdoor sports arenas. Made of 100% recycled material, they will fit into green building plans.

To accomodate both home and commercial uses,rubber stair treads outdoor come in lengths from 36″ to 60″,in 6″ increments. Also available in 72″ lengths. All are 12 3/4″ deep.All sizes are square nosed. Because all the material used is recycled, all options are black in color. Highly recommended are the matching cove risers, also in a diamond pattern, available in in sizes from 7″x36″ through 7″x72″. The matching landing tile is 23 3/4″x24 1/4″.

The longevity and durability of rubber stair treads outdoor use depends on proper installation. A two part epoxy glue is used and proper preparation of the area of installation is critical.The area to be covered must be clean and dry prior to the installation process. This means old coverings must be completely removed. Any residue must be cleaned or scraped. There must be no grease or rust or buildup of any kind. Irregularities in the surface,such as cracks, hollows,or chips, must be smoothed out prior to installation.

If a smoothing overlay is applied, it must be completely dry before installing rubber stair treads outdoor. There must be no gaps between the surface and the rubber for installation to be complete. The material comes oversize to allow for proper fitting and trimming. Allow sufficient time to let adhesive bond before using stairs to prevent movement between surface and rubber.