Rubber Stair Tread Nosing

Do you have children who constantly climb up and down the stairs? Probably you are aware that stairs can be extremely dangerous as children are often prone to slipping while playing and thereby getting seriously injured.

Hence it is important to protect your children. In reality it is practically not possible to forbid your children from moving up and down the stairs. But you can make the stairs safer with the installation of rubber stair tread nosing.

Rubber stair tread nosing is an impressive product available at koffler sales that protects everyone from the dangerous consequences of slipping and falling down the stairs. You must be wondering how rubber stair tread nosing can prevent you from tripping down the stairs.

Rubber stair tread nosing is basically a small rubber that covers the edges and corners of your stairs. It is very easy to install on your staircases and you can do it all by yourself. All you need to do is attach the rubber stair treads with a strong adhesive and make your stairs non slippery and safer for everyone in the family.

Now you don’t have to worry about the safety of anyone at your house. Rubber stair tread nosing takes care of everything. When you purchase rubber stair tread nosing from Koffler sales you can choose from so many different color combinations and design patterns. There are about 30 different collections of colors and 6 different designs.

This means that you can easily get the matching color of rubber stair tread nosing with the color of your walls and floor.  By choosing the perfect design you provide full coverage to your stairways and delivers complete safety to everyone.

Do you know the rubber stair tread nosing is made of renewable rubber? Hence you are not only protecting people but also the environment. It doesn’t matter whether the flooring of your stairs is made of tiles, marbles, wood or any other material, the rubber stair tread nosing delivers safety and protection to everyone by improving the surface of the stairs.

When you buy rubber stair tread nosing from Koffler sales it is guaranteed that you will be 100% satisfied. In case you aren’t happy with the product you can demand either for an exclusively new rubber stair tread nosing or ask for a full refund of money. You will be in all appraisals for the quality of the product and the service of Koffler sales.

Rubber stair tread nosing seems to be an essential component for every commercial building. It delivers a slip resistant and safer stairs to move up and down. Thus, there is less number of people who become the victim of falling down the slippery stairs. Rubber stair tread nosing is made of sturdy and rigid materials so that it can withstand all kinds of weather conditions.

It is appropriate for both internal and external use. More and more commercial and industrial buildings are installing rubber stair treads to ensure safety to the employees and customers. You don’t have to worry anymore about anyone who is climbing up and down your stairs of the impressive rubber stair tread nosing.

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