Rubber Stair Nosing For Carpet

Rubber Stair Nosing For CarpetThere are many ways of maintaining the floor of a house. Some of these ways are; placing a
carpet, tiling the house and also leaving the floor as it is (plastering). When any of these is
done, there is usually a need for a stair nosing. Stair nosing is also known as stair edging. it
involves the placing of a material to the edge of the stairs. Rubber stair nosing for carpet is
usually very commonly used. It is used in houses that are fully or partially covered by a
carpet. Carpets usually come in different varieties and so do rubber stair nosings.

The use of rubber stair nosing for carpet started many years ago when it was noted that the
number of accidents which happens in the houses were mainly experienced in the stairs. For
instance, when going up the stairs or when coming down the stairs, it was very common for
people to fall. Therefore, stair nosing was started to ensure that the cases of such accidents
were minimized. True to that, the cases decreased. The first stair nosing was made of wood.
Today, though woo stair nosing is still in use, the level of its usage has reduced significantly.
This can be attributed to the fact that climatic effects of cutting down trees are now being
experienced. As a result, governments have started issuing directives for the reduce of tree
cutting. Therefore, other materials to be used for stair nosing had to be devised. Today, there
are many types of materials used to develop stair nosing. Some of them are: plastic, rubber,
aluminium, bronze and brass among others.

Rubber stair nosing for carpet is usually one of the ksot recommended type of nosing to use.
This is because it is cheap to afford when compared to other types. For instance, bronze,
brass and aluminium stair nosings are usually made with the high end market being in mind.
Not only are rubber stair casing for carpet cheap, they are also easy to handle. For instance, if
you have not ordered the aluminium stair nosing from a shop, it can take days before you
create your own. Many people like to reduce the cost and therefore do not prefer buying
ready-made aluminium stair nosing products. For rubber stair nosing for carpet, it is usually
very easy to create a curve and also cut and reduce its size when need be.

Also, since carpets come in different colours it is usually important to ensure that both the
carpet and nosing match one another. Coupled with the fact that rubber stair nosing for
carpets come in a variety of colours it becomes easier for them to be implemented. This is
also true whenever the carpet is in different colours. The rubber nosing can be made to adapt
to these conditions.

One problem associated with rubber stair nosing is that they tend to lose their quality when
used for a long time. This is in contrast to other materials which are used to create stair