Rubber Edge Trim

Rubber Edge TrimThere are numerous things around the house which can pose a lot of threats to the safety of the people in the house. A simple thing like a glass table top can be very dangerous when you have a toddler around. A small scratch from the edge of a glass table top can cause of lot of injury. Most of the time, a small bump from a glass edge is enough to injure a person. The slightest bump can cause the glass edges to chip which can be very dangerous. It is therefore necessary to ensure that all glass and sharp edged furniture are provided with a rubber edge trim. A rubber edge trim is basically a strong piece of rubber which can be fixed along the edge of any layer. These are composed of dense neoprene which is an improved kind of rubber material which can protect the glass edges from chipping.

The rubber edge trim is extremely flexible and can be used on almost all kinds of shapes. They will easily contour around any shape and hold on to the edges with the help of adhesives. These come with wear resistance which ensures that they are very durable and will not get cut by the glass edges. The problem with most rubber material is that they get eroded due to heat and other natural elements. But the rubber edge trim come with a hardness of 70 durometer and can be used for an extremely long time. They can be used in the temperature range of -40o F to +158o F which ensures that they can even be used in the outdoors. Most of the skylights that are currently used come with silicon plastering. Even though this does the job pretty well, the rubber edge trim at the edge of the glass ceiling can ensure that they are completely water tight. These work efficiently even in lower temperatures and one will not have to worry about water seeping through the skylight. The added feature of ozone resistance also acts in its favour. There are several companies which will even be able to modify the shapes and dimensions of the rubber edge trim to fit into any shapes depending on the thickness of the edges. These can even be used to provide protection to the bay windows and other large sized windows from vibrations. The rubber edge trims ensure that they cushion and dampen any vibrations caused due to strong winds and storms.

These trims will come with butyl sealant which will be pre-applied into the inner surface of the trims. These will be able to provide a greater grip to the edges of the surface and will even provide a complete seal to the trim. The butyl sealant is extremely heat resistant and can be used to strengthen the grip of the rubber on any material. There are also several hot melt adhesives which can be applied into the inner surface of the trims depending upon the use of the trims. These can come in very handy to protect the open edges in the large sized aquariums.