Rubber Edge Protector

Rubber Edge ProtectorA rubber edge protector is a reliable, durable, easy to install barrier that protects edges of furniture and people. It is made of a soft and flexible material’typically rubber, plastic, or gel’but most commonly rubber. The self adhesive rubber edge protector can go on almost any piece of furniture or part of a building that is made of wood, glass, ceramic, concrete, or tile. It is easy to install because it is self adhesive and sticks right to the edge of the item. It is also just as easy to uninstall because it peels right off of the edge when it is no longer needed. Because it is oil resistant, water resistant, and weather resistant, a rubber edge protector can also be used outdoors, as well as indoors, to increase safety.

Examples of places that use the rubber edge protector are hospitals, nursing homes or assisted living facilities, day cares, and schools. They use the rubber edge protector to keep children, parents, employees, and patients safer. It can also be used in homes, workshops, laboratories, and businesses to reduce the damage that can occur with repeated use of edges. All of these places use the rubber edge protector because it is an economical way to prevent injuries and increase safety.

A rubber edge protector can be used on many types of items. It can be used on rounded or squared edges to reduce bumps, bruises, and injuries to workers, children, and visitors.
Items can have sharp edges like tables, racks, desks, countertops, fireplaces, machines, and shelves. Or, they can have rounded edges like sinks and bathtubs. Any of these edges can cause injury to someone if he or she hits it. However, a rubber edge protector on the item can help limit the injury.

A rubber edge protector can be custom fit in size, shape, and color to match the furniture or room it will be used in. The most common colors for a rubber edge protector are transparent (so the object it is being used on will show through), solid colors’most of the rainbow is available, and black and yellow stripe. The black and yellow stripe is mostly used for industrial areas. It is there so that it increases visibility of the corner, even in low lighting or at night.

A rubber edge protector is a piece of material that fits over the edge of an item. It can be put on counters, doors, tables, walls, machines, or just about anything with an edge. It helps to prevent people walking by the item getting injured from running into the edge. It also reduces the wear and tear on the corners of the item by covering it. A rubber edge protector is easy to install on the item and just as easy to uninstall when it is no longer in use. It is a high quality and economical way to protect people and items from getting hurt or damaged.