Rubber Edge Molding

Rubber Edge MoldingRubber edge molding is a piece of plastic molding which is used in the protection of glass tapered table edges, door of cars body , sealing of windows and windshield, in sliding door and windows to avoid friction and leakage of water in rainy days,

Cars are one of the long term investments and every owner wants its car to be protected scratch free. but in real time things don’t go the way you plan. Take and example, you bought a brand new car and every time you close the door you be real gentle and slow but your kids or other people won’t be that much conscious like you are and will slam the door, car door open countless time around the clock which might damage the frame of the door which can further destroy your car body edges and the paint will stated to tarnish. If the damage is already been done the rubber edge molding can protect you from further scratch and keep your car door frame in the right position and in right shape. And it can be easily be removed when you reselling your car. It also reduces the sound of door closeting and makes you feel that your door is closed in a soft and show manner as you wanted.

Similarly Rubber edge molding can also protect and seal the car windshield and also in the external side of the car windows so that it sealed and stop water, dirt and air to come in the car.

Just like car doors house door are also one of the daily used object, it open and close countless times and if it is made of aluminum or glass it should be handle with care and rubber edge molding is one of the essential part to me used to product it and give them a long time. Even if the door is slammed or close in high speed it won’t affect the edges of the door and would work as a shock absorber. It also protects and stops air or water to pass through the doors.

The best part is its easily availability, cheap price and quick installations. Rubber edge molding is easily available in all hardware shops, marts and event you can buy it on line from eBay at very low price. It Is a long black strip which can be easily be installed by starting to press the molding from the top side of the door or the window and it will start to grip the object which in been protected. Once you have press it till the bottom of the door now you simply cut the remaining mold with the use of seizer or cutter.

Rubber edge molding is a one of the best product with add flexibility to your object and lower your repair close and provide a longer life to your automobiles windows doors etc. it is so affective that it is been highly used by in many car manufacture industries. Its installation is quick and easy and is make up of durable material which can be replace at your desire.