Reflective Tape DIY Projects

As the days get longer and the weather gets nicer, most people are spending more hours outside. But what happens when it suddenly gets dark and you can’t quite find what you’re looking for? There a one-step, long-lasting, simply implemented solution: reflective tape.

reflective tape on school bus vehicle

Added safety to vehicle with reflective tape on side of car

Uses for reflective tape are nearly endless, but some Koffler Sales customers have used it in the following ways for improved visibility:

  • Line a driveway
  • On a garage hanging
  • On a car, for backwoods and country trips
  • Aisle striping in industrial locations
  • On building signage


With nearly a dozen colors for general purpose engineering grade reflective tape, vehicle grade flexible tape, and Superbrite solid tape, you can personalize any project without a hassle. Current users have noted (read reviews HERE) that our tape holds up to severe weather, lasts for over 5 years, and is easy to place.

Reflective tape rolls in various sizes

Most importantly, Koffler Sales will prevent you from purchasing a huge roll when you have a smaller project. Our variety of reflective tape comes in widths between 1” and 6” and lengths of 2’ to 150’!

With a customer rating of 5.0/5.0, you can’t go wrong with our reflective tape for your next illuminating project. Visit to purchase your roll.

Get Your Home or Business Holiday Ready

With the holidays around the corner, we want to remind you to plan for an increase in activity around your home or business. With people coming and going, not to mention wet and slushy fall weather, accidents are more likely. We want to make sure that everyone has a happy and healthy holiday season, so we put together some Koffler tips!

Get your home or business holiday ready with Koffler Sales

all weather floor mats The weather outside may not be so delightful – here in Chicago, the weather by December can be downright frightful! Prevent slips or falls as well as dirty slush from entering your home or office with an All-Weather Mat. An all-weather mat is specifically designed for wet conditions and freezing temperatures, and it will help provide a better surface when it is slick out.

It will also catch leaves before your guests or customers drag them inside with them. The holidays are very busy for everyone, so having to sweep less often by your entrance is a good thing!

Green-Roof-Drainage-Mat-imgSpeaking of mats, did you know that Koffler Sales also offers commercial-grade Restaurant Mats? During the holiday season, most people cook large meals more often or are entertaining. Give your aching joints a break with a padded mat designed for standing for long periods of time. Your knees will thank you.

Steps can be very dangerous this time of year because surfaces are slippery, and with stairs there is less surface area to help someone catch their balance. We highly recommend installing Anti Slip Stair Nosing to any outdoor steps and entrance or foyer steps you may have.

reflector-tape-imgConsider adding Reflective Tape to your holiday crafts. Here’s why: If you are in the Northern Hemisphere, it gets very dark during the winter months and nighttime starts as early as 4PM. Help motorists find your home or business and see the entrance with reflective tape. With several colors available on, the ideas are endless!

Here’s a few decor ideas:

  • Turkey design with reflective feathers on a pumpkin
  • Reflective snowflakes in your landscaping
  • Star of David on a potted plant
  • Champagne bottles with reflective labels for New Year’s

We wish everyone a safe Halloween weekend, and remember to “fall back” on Sunday for Daylight Savings Time!

Clever Ways to Hack Wall and Floor Protection Supplies

Every month, Koffler Sales accepts photo entries of completed projects using the products we sell for as part of a customer appreciation giveaway. We are continuously blown away by the clever ways to hack wall and floor protection supplies. While many of the product photos on our website show uses for hospitals, schools and factories, our customers come up with clever hacks for their own products like hula hoops, Kegerators, kitchen remodels and even raising goats!

Charlie and Mylo

One of our customers manufactures the pupRUNNER, a carrier for your pets so they can join you for family walks or an after work run. They use our Non-Slip Grip Tape to ensure that pets can stay on safely.







Cool game table ideas DIY

In preparation for his daughter going away to college at University of Virginia, one proud dad (and customer) used our orange Reflection Tape behind LED tube lighting to amplify the orange color. Without a doubt, his daughter will love her game table while away for school!






Non slip grip tape for farms and livestock workers

This was definitely a first for us: One Koffler customer used our Non-Slip Tape to create a ramp structure for her goats to play on.





Red and black kitchen renovation with Diamond Plate Sheet DIY

Instead of spending an arm and a leg for marble or custom tile, one smart and thrifty customer used our Stainless Steel Diamond Plate material to create a trendy custom kitchen.





Which project is your favorite? 

Remember, when you purchase from Koffler Sales, please send us a picture of your completed project. You could win a $100 Visa gift card!

Protective Glass

Protective GlassA protective glass, just as the name suggests, is a device that is used to protect /keep something safe. Therefore, a protective glass is a gadget that is improvised to keep human eyes safe as they engage in various functions that particularly involve this organ. A protective glass is either worn or put in between the eyes and the object that may potentially damage the eyes. Usually, the eye wear is made of resistant lenses which are made of a substance called polycarbonate that protects the eyes.

Protective glass is used because the eye has a number of things that could be potential threats. These threats may be heat levels, spray/chemicals, wind blast, particles in form of dust among other threats. Protective glass protects the eyes from chemicals, infectious fluids and other destructive agents from striking the eyes. E.g. the use of goggle as a protective device protects the salt and chlorine from causing harm to the eye.

Protective glasses offer protection against light. High and intense levels of light may damage the retina of the eye resulting to partial and even total blindness. In case of too much light, the most common and recommended protective glasses are known as sunglasses. Sunglasses play the role of increasing the levels of visibility in the case of intense sunlight conditions.

Another example of protective glass is the welding glass. This protective glass play the role of protecting the eyes from flying sparks as well as the glare as a result of welding. Though, the idea of welding glass and sunglass is more similar. These protective glasses can be used to look directly at the sun in times of the solar eclipse.

In sports such as cycling, protective glasses are used to protect the athlete from wind, dust as well as insects and other elements that constitute the atmosphere. Visors and helmets may also be used to protest the eyes, for instance, helmets used in sports like baseball, hockey among others.
Firefighter helmets also protect the eye from extreme heat as a result of firefighting. Glass protectors can also be used by computer users to prevent them from getting the Computer vision syndrome (CVS) which is as a result of eye strain; this may result to symptoms such as head ache, dry eyes as well as blurred or unclear vision.

It should however be noted that protective glass are cheap to obtain, therefore, for the sake of human care for the eyes, one should be able to access these protectors in case of external conditions that may harm this organ.

Designer Window Film

Designer Window FilmMany are looking for the designer window film that they can install in their windows. These days, more and more people are looking for a way to be able to get the best deals in designer window film to ensure that they are able to get the many different benefits that they bring. This being said, more and more hardware stores are selling these awesome additions. This is why more and more people are able to enjoy the many different benefits of the designer window film as well.

What is a designer window film anyway? The designer window film is basically a tint that is installed or applied to a glass surface. This is mostly used in vehicles so as to ensure that the inside of the vehicles will not be seen too much. Alternatively, vehicles also use designer window film so as to ensure that the drivers will not get hurt with the glare that they will get from the sun. But then again, the designer window film can be used at homes and office spaces as well. This is due to the many different kinds of benefits that people can get from the designer window film.

Generally, the designer window film is used to ensure that the eyes of the people looking out (or in) the windows will not get hurt or damaged by the powerful sun rays. These sun UV rays can cause a lot of damage to both people and the things that get hit by it. For instance, the designer window film can protect furnishings indoors from the harsh UV sun rays. Alternatively, these films will also ensure that the skin of the people inside the structure will not get hurt by the sun. This is the main reason why more and more people are into getting their window films installed in their homes, vehicles, and office places. But there are many more benefits that these wonderful window films bring.

Many people opt to install window films on their windows because they also reflect the sun’s harmful rays. Not only do they not allow them to get through, these films will also ensure that the harmful rays will stay out. This way, the heat that is coming from the sun will not penetrate so much the structure. This way, more and more people will be able to make sure that their vehicles, homes, and office spaces will be safe from these kinds of harm.

But there is one more reason why people choose to install window films. This is the aesthetic reason. Many people are into choosing to add window films on their windows because there are many different styles and designs of these window films. There are plain ones and there are printed ones. There are many different colors available as well. Therefore, when people want to add some flare to their windows while eliminating the glare, they always make sure that they are able to get the best of these window films to install.

3m Reflective Tape Walmart

3m Reflective Tape WalmartIf you are concerned with safety, there is simply no way that at least some kind of reflective tape is in your safety kit. In fact one of the best products in the market is the 3m reflective tape by Walmart, which you can find at many hardware stores or order online at the convenience of your home while browsing through Walmart’s user-friendly interface.

It might come as a surprise to you, but reflective tapes in general and the 3m reflective tape by Walmart specifically, have more uses that you expect, and you probably see them being used regularly even though you might not realize it. For example, construction workers use them to wrap themselves for safety reasons, but more often reflective tapes are used for all kinds of vehicles: ambulances and police vehicles, school buses, mail trucks, street sweepers and trash trucks, etc. The reason that drivers (or those responsible for the above mentioned vehicles) use reflective tapes is because they wish to increase their vehicle’s visibility and make it more noticeable by other drivers so that possible accidents are prevented from happening.

Reflective tapes are made from a thermoplastic resin called polyvinyl chloride, also known as PVC, that is strong enough as a material to hold the micro-prisms that give the tape its light-reflective ability. Micro-prisms are essentially tiny reflectors that are usually printed on the PVC tape in a way so that they reflect the light, that is coming from various angles, back to its original source.

You probably find the function of the 3m reflective tape by Walmart interesting to know as general information and it should also make sense to you why so many professionals use it, but you cannot really see why you should buy it since you are neither a construction worker nor an ambulance driver. Think again! Do you ever jog after the sun has set? If the answer is yes, then you must have noticed that sometimes a simple 30 minute jogging can prove to be much more dangerous than it should. When you are jogging out on the streets and not in a protected environment like a stadium, you run the risk (literally) of being hit by a careless driver who failed to see you in time due to decreased visibility. If, however, you cut a few pieces off the 3m reflective tape by Walmart and apply it on your clothing, you will make it much easier for anyone to spot you, thus turning your jogging into a much safer activity. The same goes for bikes and motorcycles also. Some kind of reflective safety features have become practically standard for bicycles, but they are usually not enough to guarantee your safety; that is why using the 3m reflective type by Walmart on your clothing or helmet can only be to your advantage. Generally speaking, statistics show that the use of such tapes, like the 3m reflective tape by Walmart, have caused a 30 per cent drop in the number of accidents that occur on public roads.

If you don’t already have one yourself, by a 3m reflective tape by Walmart as soon as possible. The use of reflective tape will definitely come in handy whether you are jogging or driving around town, whether you are canoeing or kayaking in a river, or you just want to pinpoint the exits points in your building in case of emergency.

Flame Resistant Reflective Tape

Flame Resistant Reflective TapeA flame resistant reflective tape is basically a tape that is used to reflect light. They are not electric per se, but they are made with different kinds of materials that ensure that people will see it when light will reflect them. This is why more and more people are into using this flame resistant reflective tape. With the many different kinds of benefits that people get from this flame resistant reflective tape, more and more are able to enjoy the different flame resistant reflective tape that are made available to them.

The best thing about the flame resistant reflective tape is that they are very cost effective. They are cheap but they give the guarantee that people will be able to enjoy the different kinds of benefits that they bring. This is why more and more people are using flame resistant reflective tape. Of course, everyone would want to make sure that their pathways and the like are always equipped with the best materials. This being said, more and more people are able to use the best flame resistant reflective tape there is.

There are many uses for the flame resistant reflective tape. There are people who use the flame resistant reflective tape in their patios while there are some who opt to use them in their pathways. There are police forces that use the flame resistant reflective tape, too. The point of all this is that there are just so many different uses of these kinds of tapes and there are so many people who are using them as well. This is why more and more people are using these kinds of tape. This is why more and more people are into them as well.

There are many places that sell and offer these kinds of tape. These are offered and sold in hardware stores, of course. There are many different kinds of places that use these tapes as well. This is why more and more establishments are offering and selling them. This is why more and more people are able to enjoy at the fact that they can easily locate places that sell these tapes. There are reflective tapes in hardware stores. There are some of these reflective tapes in bookstores as well. But then again, the best place where all these kinds of tapes can be gotten would be the internet.

The internet is home to many different kinds of products and merchandise. Well, these reflective tapes are just one of them. There are just so many different kinds of these reflective tapes online that people who want them can easily be able to get the best deals that are suited for their needs and their budgets. The variety in the products that are being sold online is just quite huge. This being said, more and more people are looking to find the best of these reflective tapes online. This is why more and more people are able to get the best of these tapes too.

Reflector Tape

Reflector TapeReflector tape is an agent that reflects back light making it easy for a person to identify an object during night or in areas where there is no source of light. Reflector tape is a good safety thing for anything which is moving in a dark night or dark place. Reflector tapes are used in vehicles like motorcycle, car bicycles. A person can wear clothes of reflector tape to protect himself while walking on a dark place. It is also used on mailbox, road indicators and sign board.

Bicycles have reflector tapes attached to it for it the safety of the person so that no accident will occur in dark places. Bicycle and helmets should have reflector tapes so they can be visible to others on the road. It is best to have reflector on the bicycles.

Reflector tapes are also used in Wifi Antenna to have a good performance with good signals. It is built in your PC and USB and laptops but if your study room in some distance so it will give u bad signals or in hotel the same problem arises.

Reflector tapes are easily available in the market in different materials and in every size and color. There is always a solution of every problem and how to control it but no solution for bad weather conditions it has only a solution that we can use reflector tapes for fog and blizzard. It has a good use in houses in multi-purpose. It is also used in children’s school bags and clothing.

Reflector tape is a pertinent requirement for commercial vehicles like trucks and personnel vehicles which are used in commercial purposes. Now a law is made to have reflectors on the road to indicate other on the road to stop so that serious road accidents are avoided.

Peoples and pets need reflector tape to save themselves from bad injuries especially for those people whose have to spend their dark hours in outdoors. Reflectors are used in textile to make the clothing and make people look visible. It is used in shoes worn by walkers, athletes and runners which may be used in sport night. These clothes are also designed for the emergency service workers and police officer who have to work on dark road. They are used in for industrial area example mines, buildings, warehouses, and factories where works have to highly visible.

Reflectors are used in shirts, shoes, gloves, hats, pants, sashes and in ankle bands. Policemen and construction workers can be seen in high lights in daytime and night time too. By wearing dark jackets and dark pants nobody can see you and an accident can occur so there are many things you can wear through which you can indicate yourself like reflective clothes through which you can see the other people on the road. Other thing is your shoes there are stripes which can reflects and indicates you. Extra clothing like jackets, wind breakers and fleece vest can also protect you. Having a reflector on the hats and wristbands and vest, you can save yourself from any accidents. The riders on bike can save themselves from having a reflector tapes on the helmets.

Where To Buy Reflective Tape

Where To Buy Reflective Tape
where to buy reflective tape

Floor and Hazard Marking Tape is a Reflective Tape designed to alert a person to a hazard.
So, Where To Buy Reflective Tape is an important question to ask.

The American Bar Association published a journal article on the value of reflective tape both in preventing human injury and in mitigating damages that the injured might look to the business to pay. Of course, our primary concern is to prevent injury by giving customers, clients and patients a warning to be careful. Reflective tape is invaluable just in avoiding human suffering.

Our tapes range from standard grade reflectivity levels which provide both daytime visibility and also tapes up to premium long distance sight tape. The daytime tapes have vibrant daytime visibility with reflective characteristics for after dark use.

The KSC® – GENERAL PURPOSE REFLECTIVE-ENGINEERING GRADE meets the daytime qualities with the reflective characteristics for the dark time. This tape will last 7 years, and the adhesive will retain the tape to almost any clean, dry, smooth surface. The printed stripe will not wear off. This tape should not be used for flexible vehicle graphics use. This tape meets ASTM D-4956-99 Reflectivity Type I.

The KSC® – SUPERBRITE REFLECTIVE is the best product for marking anything that requires a high level of visibility in the dark hours. Its 10 year durability is tested specification. It has the same adhesive qualities as our other tapes. This high intensity product has a reflective capability of over 4 times more than the 17 mil reflective tape. This tape is Intended for application on relatively flat surfaces only. It Meets or exceeds ASTM D-4956-99 Type III.

The KSC® – NEONBRITE FLUORESCENT REFLECTIVE tape provides the highest level of visibility. Its fluorescent lime color enhances its visibility day or night. The adhesive backing has a 10 year durability rating. This tape meets or exceeds ASTM D-4956 Type VIII.

Although, we have showed you Where To Buy Reflective Tape, there are other sources, but it is essential that these tapes meet the same ASTM Standards.

Where To Buy Reflective Tape Outdoor Durability is 7 years when properly processed and applied.

The general properties are:

Operational Temp. can withstand (-400C to 820C) -400F to 1800F
Typical Film Caliper is 4.5 – 5.5 mils
Specifications: Meets all other requirements set forth in ASTM D 4956
including shrinkage, flexibility, liner removal, adhesion,
impact resistance, specular gloss and outdoor weathering.

Special Note: The supplier states”… that this product is not intended for vehicle applications or on surfaces that are subject to any flex. Hazard striped version of this product may experience fading of the striped print, this will not affect the reflectivity of the product, but would change the appearance. For vehicle applications we recommend our conspicuity tape products.” However, the variety is endless.

Other reflective tape products are available for various other applications and we provide an Engineering Specification Sheet for every product. The information on this sheet is much more specific than what is contained in our ordering guide.

Where To Buy Reflective Tape

Reflective Safety Tape

Reflective Safety Tape
reflective safety tape

Reflective safety tape is an important tool in many different businesses and professions. Often they form an indelible visual barrier between safe or unsafe work areas. This tape comes in a variety of textures and formats. Certain types are meant for certain applications, and it is important ensure they are used correctly. Misuse of this tape can lead to all sorts of accidents.

Often times you will find reflective safety tape in use as a warning to stay away from dangerous or hazardous chemicals. Their reflective attributes allow them to be seen in both daylight and at night time.

Many road signs employ the use of reflective safety tape or coating to ensure visibility in low light or at night time. In addition to road signs, many guardrails employ this as a means of helping cars avoid collision with them.

In the fire fighting industry this tape is crucial. It is in use on fire trucks and apparatus, as well as fire fighting attire. When fighting fires, the tape (which makes it possible for fire fighters to identify each other) can make all the difference.

Another industry using safety tape is the coastguard. Much of their equipment must remain visible, even in the worse oceanic conditions. When they are sent out to search for vessels in trouble it is important that they be able to keep track of their equipment as it is in use. Reflective tape makes it much easier for them to see what is going on. Much of their equipment have some type of safety tape on it; making it highly visible.

Road construction crews wear vests clad with reflective tape to make them more visible to those riding city streets. The reflective tape allows them to work in close proximity to fast moving vehicles. Their counterparts in the park and recreation areas of work also wear these vests. Not only do they protect against automobiles, they also alert pedestrians that work is being performed in a given area and to stay away.

Reflective tape is used on oil rigs and in bio-hazard complexes. It alerts staff and visitors alike to use caution when entering a certain area. Since there are many dangers in these environments reflective tape can save many lives.

When hazardous spills occur, reflective tape comes into play as a boundary. Like “Caution Tape,” reflective tape lets people such as rescuers and bystanders know where safe and non safe areas are.

On aircraft carriers this tape is in wide usage; letting sailors know where danger zones might be encountered. They are also used in and around munitions areas as a constant reminder of the dangers around them. On the flight deck various forms of reflective tape alert deckhands to areas they should and should not walk; such as launch and landing areas. There are many other dangerous places where reflective tape may be in use on a carrier.

School buses use reflective tape as well. To ensure that students may embark or disembark safely, many school buses employ reflective tale on their stop signs to help vehicles see them. Crossing guards also wear reflective vests.

Reflective Safety Tape