PVC Angle Stops

PVC Angle StopsThere is an unsung hero when we talk about must-have household accessories, PVC angle stops. These wonderful accessories make the role of the cleaner much easier than it will ever receive credit for! Especially if you have a dog that malts hair all over the place, it will save a lot of extensive vacuuming.

PVC angle stops are used to connect the floor to the wall and by being PVC they ensure strength when attached properly. Why are these necessary? They are necessary for many reasons: safety if you have children, it eases cleaning; they are very strong and long lasting. Essentially they make your life a lot easier! Are they compulsory? No, they aren’t compulsory; however, you will have something already there that connects the wall and the floor at some point in your house, so why not have some consistency going?

PVC angle stops are inexpensive and very handy in protecting the wall where it may get scuffed or hit repeatedly by a vacuum. What is so great about PVC you ask? Well, unlike wood it does not rot nor compromise its strength with time. PVC is a very strong and long-lasting material that stands up to every trial with the exception of high temperatures. While wood may eventually splinter and need replacement before it becomes a hotbed for termites.

If you live in an older house or a more tropical climate you may be concerned about protecting your house from insects. If there is any gap or opening you can guarantee an insect will find it if it really wants to! Similarly, a young and curious child would no doubt find this gap too! PVC angle stops will limit the accessibility on both sides of the spectrum as well as ease your cleaning into a neat little corner making for easy vacuuming!

PVC angle stops are a cheap and longer lasting alternative to wood fact! But the more colour-oriented reader will be asking ‘how can you make white PVC angle stops fashionable or blend with a modern theme?’ Admittedly, they may look slightly clinical, but they can come in different colours as well as designs you can personalise. PVC angle stops are a great gateway to creativity in your home!

When actually attaching the PVC angle stops you again have several choices: double sided tape, glue or even sticky patches! Screws are also a good option if you’re willing to purchase them in bulk if you decide to cover your entire house! If you ever decide to change from PVC angle stops to another mode of stopping then you will most likely have to repaint where they once were.

PVC angle stops are a cheap, simple and fun way of protecting and decorating your house! Yes, to all those PVC haters you can make PVC modern and fashionable if you take on the creativity challenge. PVC angle stops are a very convenient way to save cleaning, save money and prevent termite or insect infestation. What are you waiting for? Go invest in your home!