Protective Window Film

Protective Window FilmHouses located in sunny climate areas do have protective window film. They are a good addition to every home. The UV protective window film protects furniture and carpet from fading due to sunlight. The harsh glare of sunlight cuts the home decoration accessories and therefore protective window film is very beneficial. One should take extra care when cleaning the windows that have protective films. UV protective film windows require extra care for long life. This protects them from breaks and scratches. This article will guide how one can clean windows that have UV protection film.

When you will buy the protective window film, you will see the recommendations made by the manufacturer on the pack of the protective film. He must have mentioned about the cleaning procedure of protective window film along with a warranty. Proper cleaning and care will make the UV protective film windows last for several years. Simply follow the instructions and you will be able to maintain them for a very long time.

Take a small bucket and add just one squirt liquid soap, which is used for dish washing. Mix some warm water and make some lather. Now start cleaning windows with a very large sponge. Put it in the mixture, it will absorb the soap and squeeze it on the windows. Start cleaning from the upper portion and gradually come downward. Make sure you clean in circular direction.

Now use a squeegee to wipe off the window. Hold the squeegee firmly against window glass and bring it downward smoothly. Make sure you put no streaks. You have to do it a little faster lese the windows will start getting dry. You have to wipe them using squeegee and then let them dry. Gradually wipe the edges, window frame and the sill using a lint free cloth. This will help you remove remaining water or dirt from UV protective film windows.

Once you are done with it, stand in different directions and check the windows. There should be no spots or streaks on the windows. If there are any, clean them using a spray cleaner that has ammonia in it. Wipe off the spray within few seconds and do not let it dry on the protective window film. This will reduce the quality and shine of the protective window film.

There are a few things that you have to keep in your mind. Try not to clean the UV protected film windows on a sunny day as it will make the cleaning solution dry quickly. You have to make sure that you clean the solution as soon as possible so there are no spots or streaks left on the windows.
Never use abrasive cleaner or a scrubber on protective window film. Also do not use a knife or a razor for cleaning stains and spots from the protective film. At times we hand chimes and ornaments near windows. The UV protected film windows will get scratched from these decorative accessories therefore they should not be hanged near windows that have protective window film.