Protective Glass

Protective GlassA protective glass, just as the name suggests, is a device that is used to protect /keep something safe. Therefore, a protective glass is a gadget that is improvised to keep human eyes safe as they engage in various functions that particularly involve this organ. A protective glass is either worn or put in between the eyes and the object that may potentially damage the eyes. Usually, the eye wear is made of resistant lenses which are made of a substance called polycarbonate that protects the eyes.

Protective glass is used because the eye has a number of things that could be potential threats. These threats may be heat levels, spray/chemicals, wind blast, particles in form of dust among other threats. Protective glass protects the eyes from chemicals, infectious fluids and other destructive agents from striking the eyes. E.g. the use of goggle as a protective device protects the salt and chlorine from causing harm to the eye.

Protective glasses offer protection against light. High and intense levels of light may damage the retina of the eye resulting to partial and even total blindness. In case of too much light, the most common and recommended protective glasses are known as sunglasses. Sunglasses play the role of increasing the levels of visibility in the case of intense sunlight conditions.

Another example of protective glass is the welding glass. This protective glass play the role of protecting the eyes from flying sparks as well as the glare as a result of welding. Though, the idea of welding glass and sunglass is more similar. These protective glasses can be used to look directly at the sun in times of the solar eclipse.
In sports such as cycling, protective glasses are used to protect the athlete from wind, dust as well as insects and other elements that constitute the atmosphere. Visors and helmets may also be used to protest the eyes, for instance, helmets used in sports like baseball, hockey among others.

Firefighter helmets also protect the eye from extreme heat as a result of firefighting. Glass protectors can also be used by computer users to prevent them from getting the Computer vision syndrome (CVS) which is as a result of eye strain; this may result to symptoms such as head ache, dry eyes as well as blurred or unclear vision.
It should however be noted that protective glass are cheap to obtain, therefore, for the sake of human care for the eyes, one should be able to access these protectors in case of external conditions that may harm this organ.