Protecting Property in Winter

As most of the United States is covered in ice and snow, the last thing you may want to do is spend more time outside to protect your property from damage. But with some quick and easy fixes for protecting property in winter, you will be able to save time, money and frustration over time.

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  • Consider adding metal stair treads to wooden steps. Wood contracts and expands with temperature changes, and a metal stair tread can keep everything secure and in place. Bonus: A non-slip surface will also prevent slips and falls.
  • Add an all-weather mat in front of all entrances. An all-weather mat made of commercial-grade quality will keep nasty slush outside, so you don’t damage your interior floors.
  • Add parking stops to your business’ on-site parking. When snow is present, it is hard for your customers and your employees to stay within one space. Parking stops will prevent accidents and property damage.

The best part? You may not have to wait to make these easy, affordable improvements. may be able to ship out in-stock items same day!