Privacy Film For Windows

Privacy Film For WindowsPrivacy film for windows is a readymade alternative to having blinds, shades, curtains at home. The privacy film for windows comes in a variety of styles and designs that you can choose from. This privacy film for windows also known as tints offer better privacy than other window films that prevent majority of the sunlight from seeping into the bedroom.

You can still enjoy the warmth of the sunlight with this privacy film for windows. The privacy film for windows comes in a variety of designs, so that you don’t have to spoil the look of your window with a plain, drab looking window film. Here are some tips on how you can install the privacy films for your windows.
Tips On How To Install Privacy Film For Windows At Home
Things you will require
– Measuring tape
– Scissors
– Scale
– Glass cleaning solution
– Glass scraper
– Some newspapers
– Spray bottle
– Squeegee
– Utility knife

1. Using a measuring tape, measure the glass window. Then mark these measurements on the back of the privacy film and add an extra 1 inch to the measurement with the help of a scale. Using a scissor snip off the measured film and set aside.
2. Take a glass cleaning solution and clean the glass windows thoroughly using a glass scraper. Remove any kind of dust or debris from the glass and the edges of the window pane with the glass scraper. Then using old newspaper sheets, wipe the glass clean, dry and spotless.
3. Make sure your hands are clean and thoroughly dry so that when your touch the glass window, the oils or dirt from your hands must not settle on it, as that might lower the chances of the privacy film from adhering or sticking well onto the glass. Take a spray bottle, filled with a gentle dishwashing liquid soap water or any shampoo.
4. Use this bottle of spray and spray it onto the glass window like a mist. The greater amount of water you mist or spray on the glass window, the easier it will be to move the privacy film around window pane to position it well.
5. Once done, gently peel off the paper backing from the privacy film and carefully place that side of the film onto the window. Then smoothen out the film over the window with your hands to remove any air bubbles (if formed) and reposition the film, if out of place.
6. Once done, mist or spray the front of the privacy film with the soapy water and using a squeegee move it over the film, starting from the center move to the edges of the pane to remove extra air bubbles that were formed while placing the film on the glass. Then using a utility knife trim off the excess 1 inch of privacy film for windows.

There are many do-it-yourself privacy film for windows that you can purchase from the market. So what are you waiting, surprise your spouse by purchasing these cool designer privacy film for windows and get started with the above easy to do tips for installation!