Plastic Carpet Protector

Plastic Carpet ProtectorCarpets are an economical choice and a wonderful textile accessory to decorate your house with. A wide variety to choose from, the carpets are available in different sizes, colours, patterns and designs. They enhance the look and elegance of your house and make it look homely.

Despite their beauty and elegance, carpets need a lot of care and maintenance. They are prone to multiple accidents and damages. Pet accidents, water and beverage spills, and mud and oil spots can leave a lasting impression on your carpets. As much care and clean you try to keep your carpets, you still cannot keep an eye all the time for any mishaps.

To safeguard your carpets an intelligent innovation involves the development of plastic carpet protectors. Reasonable and easy to use these plastic carpet protectors not only protect your carpets from aging, but also prevent any unfortunate accidents.

These plastic carpet protectors are big money savers and time savers from cleaning up all the mess from the carpet. Even after putting in so much of effort and cleaning, the stains are still visible.

Plastic Carpet Protectors are simple and easy to use. It consists of a sturdy plastic film with a gum coating. Peel the plastic using your fingernail and roll it over on your carpet and it sticks to it. This excellent protection choice will guard your carpet from damage and keep it looking fresh as ever.

Plastic carpet protectors not prevent your carpets from mud and oil stains and spills on daily use carpets, but are also recommended to use when painting the house, for parties, when moving, constructions, installing a new carpet and any other time to safeguard your carpets from stains, damage and dents and even absorbs animal fur.

These plastic carpet protectors are convenient and easy to clean as well. Use a wet towel to wipe off the affected area. For a better cleaning, remove the plastic from the carpet and take it outside on a clean surface. Dilute dishwasher soap in a gallon of water and pour it on the plastic carpet protector and scrub it using a brush. Rinse and wipe it and viola! Your plastic carpet protector is all spick and span clean.

Removing and replacing the plastic carpet protectors is also not a problem. Thus removing them can lead to some adhesive residue on the carpets. Removing this glue can also be easily removed. Many solutions are available at any hardware store which serves the purpose of removing these adhesive deposits. Citrus based solutions work best in removing them. A smaller effected area can be treated by using an elbow grease. For tough paste deposits a steaming method can also be applied. Hire a professional cleaner to use this steaming technique.

The better the quality of the plastic carpet protector the better your carpets are safeguarded. We provide you with best quality and range of carpet protectors which will bring a smile on your face. It is notably said a little protection is better than having no protection at all. So it’s never too late install these plastic carpet protectors now and become tension free.