Outdoor Rubber Stair Treads

outdoor rubber stair treads

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KofflerSales.com offers the first and only outdoor rubber stair treads to be specifically approved for outdoor use. Use of these outdoor rubber stair treads refurbishes exterior steps eroded by weather and time, resolves safety issues and increases the value and durability of residential as well as commercial outdoor steps.

These non slip outdoor rubber stair treads, sold by Koffler manufacturing, are designed to increase traction, thereby making hazardous outdoor areas safer for foot traffic. Manufactured in a black diamond pattern, these treads are strong and wear-resistant, while the rubber makes them easy to keep clean. Weather-tested, these treads perform year round, allowing them to make the grade for industrial, commercial and residential settings alike.

Koffler rubber treads for outdoor settings are a green, environmentally friendly choice, because they’re made from 100% recycled rubber. Moreover, they’re tough enough for all kinds of sports punishment, including the sort which skates and spikes can dish out. So, not only do these Koffler rubber treads make the perfect outdoor rubber stair tread choice for entry-ways, porches, decks and garages, they also make a superior choice for skating rinks and golf courses.

Koffler rubber outdoor stair treads are designed to be specifically suitable for square nose steps, 1 1/2″ inside. The treads come with a depth of 12 3/8″, in lengths of 36”, 42”, 48”, 54”, 60”, 72” and thicknesses of 1/4”-3/16”. Obviously, these superior Koffler outdoor rubber stair treads are rugged. Yet, they’re also affordable and quite easy to install as well. In fact, KofflerSales.com offers a step by step installation guide for the online shopper, as well as an array of useful ancillary products to make installation smoother, such as rubber stair tread epoxy adhesive.

Koffler outdoor rubber stair treads have been rigorously tested under an array of adverse weather conditions, which is why they are the ideal fix for outworn exterior steps. They’re perfect for summer and perfect for winter. Last but not least, KofflerSales.com stands behind their outdoor rubber stair treads 100% with more than fifty years of experience in professional floor installations and a 100% price and satisfaction guarantee.

Outdoor Rubber Stair Treads