Non-Slip Stair Treads For Hardwood

non slip stair treads for hardwood

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Protect your finished hardwood stairs from damage and protect your family from dangerous falls with non-slip stair treads for hardwood steps. Hardwood stairs are a beautiful feature in any setting, but that polished wood can pose a threat to safety. Even with handrails,slipping and possibly falling is a possibility. In a home with elderly or the very young, this risk is magnified. High heels can damage the stair’s surface. Toys and equipment banging up the stairs can scratch the finish on hardwood steps. With the addition of non-slip stair treads for hardwood, the steps become safer and are protected from damage caused by daily wear and tear.

There are many types of non-slip stair treads for hardwood. Vinyl and rubber are among some of the choices.These are the most popular for residential use. There are also many variations in the patterns, such as diamonds, circles and ridges. Most are available in a round or square nose style. Depending on the style chosen, color choice can be very wide and can easily compliment the decor in the home.In addition to the wide selction of colors, some lines come with color variations, such as marbling for an even more unique look. The savvy homeowner can add both safety and style to their home. Another added safety feature is that adding non-slip stair treads for hardwood to your home also provides some degreee of flame retardation.

Before installing, it is crucial to prepare the surface so there are no uneven spots or gouges in the wood. These should be filled in before installation begins. The surface must be clean and dry. The temperature should be at 70 degrees for 24 hours prior and maintained for 1 week after installation. There must be a tight fit between the tread and the step. It must be cut to fit properly and rolled to make certain there are no gaps caused by air pockets. The type of adhesive used will depend on the material used. Check the individual guides for detailed reccomendations.

Cleaning is simple. A soft brush or broom may be used to remove debris from your non-slip stair treads for hardwood. A damp mop can be used when a more thorough cleaning is desired. For scratches and scuffs, a non slip floor wax may be applied to return the non-slip stair treads for hardwood to their original luster.