Non-Slip Outdoor Stair Treads

Non-Slip Outdoor Stair TreadsFor outdoor purposes, usually we prefer to have some non slip outdoor stair treads. There are many reasons to choose non slip material. The stairs which are outside the house are usually wet because of rain or because of dirty shoes, sometimes pets also go through them, or many other reasons of dirt are present there. There must be some material which is weather resistant, flexible and easy to clean or maintain. Normally we have seen many females preferring castrated stairs whether outside or inside the house. Though they look smart and gives a neat look but at the same time they are very tough to maintain outside the house.

When we return home; we don’t have any idea how much dirt, grease or water is attached to our shoes which automatically our stair treads has to face. If we have any carpeted stairs how we will remove the stains from it And moreover another fatigue will add on to our tasks. Or if we use some pure plastic material, it increases the chances of slipping 100% more than before. Another damage which carpet will give is to the wood or steel of the staircase. A good option which we can use as a non slip outdoor stair treads is tiles. Yes we can use tiles which are anti-slip. To apply the tiles, you need to follow a few basic steps.

First of all, apply mortar to the back of the tile and place it on the edge of the stair step. Don’t forget to add tile spacers to remove the spaces from the corners. Now place the left tiles as well on the treads. Repeat the process again and again to complete the tiling procedure on all stair treads. Pull out all the tile spacers from all stair treads. Apply the grout, and let it dry for the whole day. It is very affordable and cheap way to protect yourself and your loved ones from falling badly. It is 100% water resistant and will be applicable for all kinds of weathers. Another school of thought says that we must use some Eco friendly material which is non slip for our outdoor stair treads. Some material which may not destroy the beauty of nature and house and which may also maintain the recycling process smoothly. Natural wood can also be a good alternate and it is non slip as well.

One need to be very careful regarding his or her stair treads because it’s a matter of a bit of negligence and it can destroy one’s life easily. People believe that having a stylish stair tread is more important than having a non slip outdoor stair tread but this approach is totally wrong as it is harmful for anyone who is in a hurry or who is having a bit of wet or greasy shoes. It can straight away lead to some major injury. For the safety of each and every pedestrian, nonslip outdoor stair treads are a must have if for every house out there.