Non-skid tape

non skid tape

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Non-skid tape is useful for both commercial and residential applications. Our products are endorsed by the National Floor Safety Institute and meet OHSA regulations. We carry the largest selection available for your needs.
In a residential setting, non-skid tape may be used around pools,decking,stairs and other areas where footing could become hazardous. It is appropriate for use indoors as well, such as bathrooms, showers and workshop areas. The large range of colors and sizes available make this a good choice for most homeowners. There is even a clear tape available in various widths and lengths. Most household applications will be satisfied with the regular strength.

Many safety issues in the workplace can be addressed by the use of non-skid tape. The choice of high visibility colors and patterns enhances the safety aspect. Suggested uses can include loading docks, ramps on vehicles,stairs and floors. Non-skid tape can be used to mark off hazardous areas, especially when using one of the patterned products. Non-skid tape in many of these areas in the industrial setting will satisfy numerous OHSA requirements in an affordable manner. Generally, the maximum strength is recommended for commercial use.

Proper preparation of the surface is very important to get a quality installation. The surface must be clean and dry. The tape should be applied at the proper temperature, generally speaking, as close to normal room temperature as possible. Sixty degrees is the minimum recommended temperature. Once applied, non-skid tape will make a workable bond in 24-36 hours. It will increase in strength for up to thirty days before full bonding.

Depending on ultraviolet exposure, the non skid tape will last in place from three to five years.
Once applied correctly, non skid tape will not be affected by water, oil, grease and most solvents. It does not bubble or pucker. These products are backed by our 100% customer satisfaction guarantee and we have support staff available for questions and advice on our non skid tape application. We have full specs and information on using, applying and removing non-skid tape on our website as well as online or telephone support.

Non-skid tape