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So many home-projects benefit from non skid tape, but which sort? has a wide array of non skid tape options to suit almost any sort of home or business application. From carpeting and showers, to lumber and poolsides, Koffler Tape covers the possibilities.

Their highly conformable, abrasive non-skid tape is certified slip-resistant by the National Floor Safety Institute. This tape covers and smooths irregularly textured and otherwise non-flat areas. It’s guaranteed not to move, warp or buckle, besides being suitable for bending, rolling and otherwise contouring to fit a variety of surfaces. If nubs and protrusions are making walking a hazard, this comfortable non skid tape will solve the problem.

It features a diamond-hard carbide outer layer, which is waterproof, over an adhesive underside, protected with an aluminum foil liner. This back part is easily removed when needed.

Size-wise, this non skid tape features an overall thickness of 1/16.” It is available in strips 6″ x 24.” Rolls come in widths of 2″, 4″, 6″, 12″, 18″, and 24,” x 60 ft. long. All are easily cut to fit the project as required. The colors are black and safety yellow.

Koffler’s photo luminescent non skid tape is likewise highly adhesive and as waterproof as Koffler’s other non skid tapes. Yet, these tapes have the additional caveat of proving useful for all public domains where low visibility creates a high potential for accidents. Buyers can select a plain “high visibility” yellow tape to mark danger zones.

Other selections include “Caution” strips, as well as strips with traditional black and yellow warning stripes. Still other strips feature a plain white photo luminescent white surface, a black stripe with a white luminescent stripe and a black stripe with a high visibility yellow strip.

All of these non skid tape products emit a glow that is visible to the low-light adjusted eye for up to 8 hours, making them ideal for aisle ways and emergency routes.

For accident scenes waiting to happen, it’s hard to beat showers. Fortunately, Koffler Tape manufacturing produces non-skid textured PVC tape, designed to hold up beautifully in wet zones. Potentially slippery areas, where barefoot traffic abounds, such as locker rooms and pool areas are ideal venues for this tape. Easily mopped over, this non stick tape does not catch and hold dust, or dirt.

Business and home owners with an eye towards safety will appreciate the high quality non skid tapes available for purchase at

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