Non-Skid Tape 3m

Non-Skid Tape 3mNon-skid tape 3m is basically applied to the surface area of the floor to avoid any injury. It is made in the united states and converted in France. It is usually used where the chance of slips and trips increases. They can be used to meet the indoor and outdoor requirements. They are an excellent economical choice for any slip resistant floor. Usually it is applied to floors which are to be highlighted, on staircases, on the danger zone, or at the point where the alert is to show. Further it is suitable for areas like ramps, pools, playgrounds, trucks, machinery shops or such places which are to be tinted.

All the non-skid tape 3m are manufactured using the highest quality raw material for better application and productive results. They are very durable. It takes them more than 3 years to get useless. Now the application of non-skid tape 3m is very easy. First of all clean the stairs thoroughly. Use some degreasing solvent to remove all kinds of grease, paints or other dirt from the surface. It will make the surface smoother. The stairs can be of any kind, wood, metal, concrete or painted. Apply a stripping compound to the stairs from top to bottom. To get maximum benefit from the stripper, do read the manufacturers guide thoroughly. Now by using a scraper, take off the old material. By using some surface cleaner , rinse the stair effectively, allow them to dry completely. Give it around 3-4 hours so that the surface must be dry completely. Non-skid tape 3m is worth to do so much hard work for it.

Paint the strip of primer or concrete where ever you want to apply the perfect non-skid tape 3m. Use some primer designed for perfect surface. Now wait for one hour and let the primer dry completely. Then lay a strip of non-skid tape 3m on the desired one step. Place it in such a way that half inch from the edge. Now lift one end and peel back the first two inched of the backing. Here you need to be very careful and try not to touch the adhesive. Keep on pressing the tape firmly and smoothly on the step. After this, pull out the strip from the other end for the next few inches. Keep on pressing the tape while coming down. Keep on repeating the same process on every stair and complete your staircase safety. Using a rubber hand roller, roll over throughout the tape. Start rolling with center to the end then take the roller to the other side and again begin from the center to the other end.

This is so easy to apply non-skid tape 3m on the stairs. All the required material includes a pack of detergent or degreasing solvent by a good company. A scrapper which is optional but it will make your process easier. Around two or three wet sponges for cleaning and smoothing of the stair case. A primer and a brush. And lastly a rubber hand roller, it is very important for the finishing of non-skid tape 3m.