Non Skid Tape 3m

Non-Skid Tape 3mNon skid tape 3m is better known as safety walk tape. In market a variety of non-skid tapes are available, in multiple colors, sizes and shapes. Non-skid tape 3m has a lot of categories in it. One of them is anti slip tape 3m safety-walk black 610. It is a mineral coated tape. It has a slip resistant material. It contains a highly durable surface. It’s quite simple that helps the pedestrian to walk easily. It is available in black color. It is accessible in pre-cut thread and in the form of roles. It is for stairs like in warehouse or factories.

The second kind of non-skid tape 3m usually known is 3m safety walk 620. It is available in 60 ft clear roll. It is usually used for sealing the wood before applying anti-slip tape. It is a clear roll. It looks like a plastic film. It is transparent role. The third available type is 3m safety walk 630. It is available in yellow color. It reduces trip hazards. It has a 60 ft rolled. It is available in three different sizes. It is used to highlight any point in the night as well. The fourth category that comes under the head of non-skid tape 3m is known as 3m safety walk 510. They used on diamond grade safety plates, steps and other irregular surfaces. It has an aluminum foil backing that makes it visible. It is very much ideal for irregular and around edges. It comes in the form of pre-cut thread. It is accessible in seven different sizes. The fifth category is 3m safety walk 530. It is also available in yellow color to show the important places, to make them visible to everyone. It is very helpful to make the edges visible. It comes only in one size that is 2 inches x 60 ft roll.

The sixth and very commonly used non-skid tape 3m is 3m safety walk 220. It has a great friction. Its texture is extremely fine. It has a slip-resistant material. It is waterproof. It is found in the bath tubs normally, that is why while taking a bath, one can stand in water without slipping and tripping. It is treated in a way that it could bear the pressure. It is clear and transparent. It is light duty. Its surface is kind of vinyl. It is available in 3 different sizes. It is available in white color as well but mostly used as a transparent sheet. The seventh one is 3m safety walk 310. It is non-mineral sheet. It is again slip resistant. It is applied on stairs. It is available in 10 different sizes. It is made up of synthetic rubber. It has medium duty.

Non-skid tape 3m has many other categories as well; but to cut the story short, it is used in our daily lives. It is a source of protection. It is easily available at reasonable price. Multiple colors, shapes, patterns and designs are accessible according to buyer’s desire and requirement.