Non Skid Stair Treads Exterior

non skid stair treads exterior

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Outside stairways are vulnerable to many conditions which could make them become slippery and dangerous to use. Weather, spills, and debris are just a few examples of things that can land on stairs and cause an accident. Non skid stair treads exterior use can prevent many of these conditions from impacting the safety of customers, employees and family. Once applied properly, they give a long lasting and secure surface that can be used with confidence.

Metal non skid stair treads exterior are one type of material that can be used. Made from a high quality aluminum, they provide traction beyond the standards set by ADA and OHSA for safety on stairways. Abrasive particles are made into strips that are then imbedded into the aluminum. There is a wide choice of colors with the added safety factor of a sightline strip which make up the first 3 strips on each step. Metal non skid stair treads have the added versatility of being able to be installed over virtually any material and the treads are made to order.

Fiberglass is another option for non skid stair treads exterior use. Equally suitable for existing or new structures and available in solid colors, two-tone or glow in the dark, fiberglass is versatile and attractive. Heavy duty fibergalss is available in six grades, ranging from extra fine, suitable for showers, boats, all the way up to super coarse which can hold up to the most severe and extreme conditions and use. Detailed installation instruction and advice are available and holes can be ordered predrilled.These also exceed OHSA requirements for non slip protection.

Rubber non skid stair treads exterior are designed to tackle every hazard. The rubber, 100% recycled material is effective in every weather extreme. The diamond shaped raised tread allows debris to fall to the bottom, reducing falls caused by slipping on foreign objects. They are square nosed and come in lengths of 36″ to 72 inches. Available in black only.

Non skid stair treads are an economical and attractive answer to improving stairway safety in your home, business or recreational area. Any building or structure that has exterior stairs should install non skid stair treads exterior.