Indoor Non Slip Stair Treads

indoor non slip stair treads

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Indoor non slip stair treads can cut down on accidents, injuries and all kinds of unpleasantness. Whether it’s at home or in the workplace, these indoor non slip stair treads act as the first line of defense against slips, skids, falls and everything that comes after.

Why Indoor Non Slip Stair Treads?

There are half a dozen reasons to include these non slip treads on your stairs. The first and foremost of these is because your stairs will become inherently safer as a result of their presence. It will still be possible to fall of course, but it will be much less likely to happen.

In addition to the safety features offered by these indoor non slip stair treads though, they can also provide an attractive, and easy to clean, cover for carpet or wood stairs. Whether it’s a simple, metal lip or a full stair cover, there are dozens of different designs and colors for users to choose from to accentuate the stair case and to make sure that it fits with the design style and theme of the building. Easy to put down and easy to replace when they do finally get worn out, these treads are one of the simplest ways to make going up and down the stairs that much safer for everyone concerned.

Square or Round: Your Choice

Not all stairs are the same, obviously, and because of that it’s important that you have indoor non slip stair treads that fit your stairs like a glove. Additionally though, you can get stair treads that are either square or rounded off at the nose, both of which can give your stairs an entirely different look and feel once they’ve been put down. Additionally, the rounded off nose can prevent stubbed toes, while the squared off look ensures that minimal space is taken up while maximum slip resistance is provided. When taken along with all of the different options of color, shape and style that these treads come in, the edges just provide one more option for buyers to consider before it comes time to have them installed.

Indoor Non Slip Stair Treads