How To Make Door Pulls

How To Make Door PullsEveryone at some point in their life wants to get create with their hardware pursuits. What better way than to make your own door pull? It sounds like more effort than it actually is, you simply select what you want to be the physical door pull and then attach appropriately.

For most business owners and homeowners in our current financial climate it is simply not an option to purchase a fancy door pull and then pay for someone to install it. It can seem like a greater task than it truly is! If a person is really short of money then they could simply use a short metal pole, a knife, fork or spoon and glue it or attach it as they wish. There are a lot of options out there when looking at how to attach the door pull. Very strong double sided tape, liquid glue or even screws are an option, but the plan here is to make it as sturdy and long lasting as possible.

When approaching how to make a door pull you must first decide whether you want to go the affordable route or splash out a little bit of cash on it considering the cheaper route you’re already taking! If you go the cheap route of an item of cutlery or even a small metal pole then you must then choose a method of attachment. If you decide to go the more expensive route of purchasing a door pull from a local hardware store or even get someone to make you one, then you will still need to figure out the method of attachment.

As anyone would guess screws are typically the sturdiest method alongside strong liquid glue and in last place, tape. The first two options are the only real options for businesses for example, who wish to keep a classy look. Be creative within your budget and you will often be rewarded! Even a large screw can be used as a door pull if it blends with the theme of your kitchen.

Lets review the steps on how to make door pulls! Firstly, decide whether you want the cheapest option or the more expensive one. Then decide whether you want a plate to attach it to or simply attach it to the above given options: screws, tape or glue. Finally go through the motions of attaching! If you are using screws you will need to purchase the best sized screws for the thickness of the door pull. If you use glue, ensure it is the highest strength you can get and, is also applicable for the surface you are gluing! If you are truly going the cheapest route then select a tape that it strong but also double sided to ensure the maximum sturdiness you can get!

When looking at how to make door pulls, you are met with many necessary choices! They are however, well worth it. Your budget and time dictate the choices you make but remember, its not as hard as people lead you to believe!