Hockey Garage Door Protector

Hockey Garage Door ProtectorYou love watching hockey and most importantly you love playing it; so, if are addicted to this game, all you need is a hockey garage door protector, which will give you the opportunity to both enjoy your favorite sport and protect your garage door.

Admittedly, in order to have the real hockey experience, you ‘ll need fancy equipment, proper floor that is specifically designed for hockey, and of course a nice goal to shoot the puck at. Since getting access to a real hockey stadium is virtually impossible, turning your garage into a hockey-like environment is the next best option. In this case, all you need is a good hockey garage door protector.

A hockey garage door protector is basically a large, resistant tarpish sheet, that has the goal and the goalkeeper drawn on one side, which you can hang in front of your garage door. It is about seven to eight feet in height (although you can order custom ones that are either larger or smaller in size so that they fit exactly to your garage door), it is easy to install, and it usually involves some sort of rolling device that will help you roll it up (so that you use your garage door for its intended purpose, namely getting your car in and out of your garage), and roll the tarp down whenever you wish to have some fun playing hockey. The fact that it is made from endurable material, which is usually reinforced with vinyl, makes the hockey garage door protector very resistant to hits, despite the outside temperature; in other words, you can play during the whole year without having to worry about how hot or how cold the weather is.

In other words, the use of a hockey garage door protector is twofold: on one hand, it acts as a protecting frame that will prevent you from causing scratches and dents to your garage door (even if you are using real size/weight pucks) and, on the other, it will act as a shooting target. In fact some hockey garage door protectors, besides the goal and goalkeeper drawing, may even have five target ‘holes’ drawn (right at the spots where the goalkeeper’s defense is more vulnerable to your attacks) with small openings that will ‘catch’ the puck if you shoot it exactly at the center of the hole, thusly making your shooting drills even more accurate and enjoyable.

In conclusion, a hockey garage door protector is one of the best gifts you can offer to yourself, your kids, or your friends. Of course, they don’t just sell a hockey garage door protector for nothing. If you want to buy one, you are definitely going to have to reach into your pockets; and the deeper you reach, the better your hockey garage door protector will be in terms of quality. You can buy one as cheap as 50 bucks, at your own risk and knowing that your garage door might not be as protected as it should be, or you can buy one for up 400 dollars, knowing that you got the best product in the market. In any case, you are in for a lot of fun