Hardwood Floor Protectors

Hardwood Floor ProtectorsHardwood flooring has always been a great investment when setting up a home. They make your home look classy and vintage. Hardwood floorings are durable and a smart choice which enhance the look of your house with its rich appearance. This life time hardwood flooring investment needs care to look best for many years.

Despite their beauty and elegance, hardwood floorings are prone to scratches, abuse; chipping of the wood, dents, and even wear and tear. Having children and pets do causes damage, but the probability of scratches and dents are caused by the constant moving of furniture on the hardwood flooring, hence increasing the risk of wear off.

Everything needs protection. Safeguard your hardwood floorings with the help of a variety of hardwood flooring protectors available in the market. These flooring protectors include a range of furniture tips for chair and table legs, tap on pads, slip on pads, peel and stick on pads and many more which you can consider using under the legs of your tables and chairs to avoid scratches.

For specific furniture setting, specific hardwood flooring protectors are designed to provide the right type of protection.

Tap on pads are a type of hardwood floor protectors designed for heavy furniture like dining tables and sofas and are attached to the furniture with the help of a hallow nail. Best for that furniture that do not move around much, but can still damage the hardwood floor.

Another type of hardwood floor protector includes slip on furniture pads. These floor protectors are made from soft plastic or rubber material which can easily slide on the legs of the tables and chairs, preventing scratches.

The simplest and less costly type of hardwood floor protection includes stick and peel floor protectors. Made out of felt material, these types of protectors come in a range of different sizes and colours to match with your furniture. Easy to use, all you have to do is peel the back paper holding it and stick it on the bottom of your furniture’s legs. The thicker the pad the will be the better your floor will be protected.

Installing area rugs and walk off mats can also be a good source of preventing your hardwood floor from dents and scratches and also add beauty to your house. Match and colour coordinate the rugs with your furniture and other house decorations and are available in a wide range of designs and sizes. These rugs and mats are a good source of absorbing dirt and moisture which are the main cause of wear off and fading of the hardwood flooring.

Carpets can also protect your flooring. Install them in your lounge or dining area and place them under your furniture, giving your house a more vibrant and elegant look, along with serving the purpose of protecting your hardwood flooring.

These hardwood floor protectors are easily available at any hardware or home building stores at affordable prices. Protect your hardwood flooring and keep it looking new and healthy as ever because little protection is better than having no protection at all.