Green Roof Drainage Mat

Green Roof Drainage MatSome buildings usually have plants at their roof tops. Such roof tops also need to be drained to ensure the plants on the roof top are not waterlogged, thus reducing their survival chances. This necessitates the use of green roof drainage mats to ensure proper drainage of the top soil. There Green roof drainage mats come in various designs all of which still ensure effectiveness.

Green roof drainage mats are of different types. First, there is a 2-ply drainage mat which allows water to drain from the vegetated roof. They usually have a filter fabric that keeps soil particles from blocking the drainage channels. There is another design, which is made up of numerous layers having an upper hydrophilic absorbent material .It also keeps the soil in place while retaining moisture.

There is a root reinforcement mat that is effective for securing plant roots during erosion and also in wind prone areas. It has a tough nylon mesh with an open structure that makes it easy for plants to embed and entangle, securing the plant roots in place. There is also a roof ventilation mat used in cedar or metal roof construction. Its widely open mesh creates an airspace that promotes airflow in all directions between sheathing and the metal panel.
Green roof drainage mats therefore play a number of roles. One core advantage is that they promote sustainable development. Environmentally, the term green in all of its senses is used to mean clean. Green roof drainage mats also help to waterproof a place, by playing this role, the implication is that they make that particular place user friendly.

Green roof drainage mats also play an aesthetic role. Areas where these roofs are used are usually visually attractive. This is the effect of the grasses; flowers as well as wild herbs therefore act as a substitute to the traditional roof and therefore appear more attractive. They are also efficient when it comes to matters of energy conservation. During hot seasons they in a way act as coolants as heat energy from the sun is usually absorbed by the soil which supports the drainage mat lives.

Green roof drainage mats also play the role of reducing run off after storms. This may as well impact on matters to do with disaster management as through a reduction in runoff, the implication is that urban as well as other types of floods are alleviated. Finally is that, when maintained well, green roofs are durable.
Conventionally, no single item is known to comprise solely of advantages. It follows that Green roof drainage mats have a number of disadvantages as well. One core disadvantage is that, it may yield unexpected results if not properly maintained. It is also costly to maintain as well as install. However, it is important to note that pro environmentalists do support the use of Green roof drainage mats with the end objective and hope that the concept of sustainable development will be achieved globally.