GranitexOur world is seeing incessantly changing trends with no obvious reasons to support the ongoing events, especially in the realm of nutrition, fitness and lifestyle. Speaking of lifestyle, the term encompasses a wide range of aspects that are in turn correlated to numerous facets. Embellishing your home with elegant interiors is definitely something you’d want. IN fact, the augmented interest in making homes truly beautiful with respect to design and style is only increasing. In light of this, there is something that you might want to know about, something that unfailingly ensures an enchanting interior and exterior beauty of your house. Yes, we are talking about granitex.

For all those people who are rather uninformed about the potency of granitex in making a positive impact on a home’s interior and exterior beauty, here is all that you need to know.

Granitex is basically a fast setting Urethane glaze. The high impact Aliphatic glaze serves as a elegance -gratifying coating for your floors and walls. Comparing epoxy floors to Granitex floors, Floors embellished by granitex will last longer. For commercial or industrial floorings, granitex is just the perfect choice if you have to ensure a long lasting coat, not to forget, the impeccable beauty. Nowadays, granitex floors are preferred over epoxy floors simply because of cost overruns that will pop up over protracted time periods.
For showrooms, basement floors, any form of concrete floors, basement floors or garage floors, Granitex provides for a seamless coating that can have lasting impacts on the viewer. Granitex coating can also be done on underwater floors, thereby allowing for a new design trend.

Now the question that might arise is whether granitex can only be confined to coating floors. The answer is an obvious no. Granitex coating can be applied on walls as well. Another notable feature is that the design and style can be chosen while deciding to apply a granitex coating.

Granitex glazes provide floors and walls with long lasting shielding from the sun’s ultra violet radiation. Granitex glazes are thus used not just in floor interiors but also to shield and embellish a house’s exteriors.

Granitex glazes come in four different colors. They include Sandstone, Graystone, Earthstone and DesertStone. All these endearing colors are immensely pleasing to the eyes- a fact that does not really need specific mention. You can either choose one single color or a combination of colors to make your space even more grand and beautiful.

Granitex today is mostly used to coat concrete floors. With a granitex coating on the concrete floor, the floor would look like a splendid stone. The durability is unquestionable and that’s not all. The granitex surface can be washed off whenever intended and the process isn’t difficult.

Bottom Line:
A lot has already been spoken about the Granitex coating. It goes without saying that the Urethane glaze is perhaps the best ingredient to embellish you home. So what are you waiting for? Choose your favorite color combination today.