Granitex Clay

Granitex Clay

Granitex clay is essentially a kind of polymer clay, combined with tiny clay fibers, that is specifically created so that it appears like a stone to the eye. If you have an artistic spirit, then you ‘ll find granitex clay to be a perfect fit for your activities. For example, you can very easily make necklaces and other jewelry, or even small miniatures and figurines (given of course that you are skilled enough), which you can use either to decorate your house, or to sell them to someone else who would wish to use them as décor for his.

Generally speaking, granitex clay is as easy to manipulate as any other type of clay, and every ¼ inch thick piece should be baked at 275 0F (which translates into 130 0C) for about 15 minutes in order to become solid and stable. Avoid microwaving it, for the result won’t be the same. Microwaves can potentially mess with the clay’s integrity and structure, and it can ruin its texture, while the traditional oven won’t do any of those things.

In terms of its mimicking abilities, granitex clay is known for two things: it can mimic the appearance of a stone and that of denim (that is if you are making figurines, for example, and you want you figurine to wear a nice pair of jeans). Granitex clay, however, is available not in two, but in eight subtle pastel tones: brown, green, orange, blue, red, violet, black, and turquoise. Keep an open mind, though, and create your own colors by mixing granitex with other clays in order to produce different colors that will best serve your goals. The number of colors that you can create is basically the number of possible combinations that will result by combining various types of clays.

As mentioned above, the things you can make out of granitex clay is only limited by your imagination, but the two most common types of granitex clay creations are: faux fossils and necklaces. Faux fossils are by far the easiest to make. You just take a piece of granitex clay and give it a rather free form without a specific structure really; you then use a simple cutting tool to carve the desired drawing, and once you bake it correctly, your creation is finished. With regards to necklaces, you would also have to go through a similar process; this time, however, it would have to be more structures and with a bit more attention to detail. You can just take a bar of granitex clay and carve some diagonal lines; create a rounded surface and then use a cutting tool to make it look like the sun, or cut some pieces of clay away so that you give it the shape of a heart. In the end, make sure to poke a hole and you necklace will be ready.

All in all, you can transform granitex clay into anything you like, as long as you are willing to put some effort to it, and if you want a more impressive result, you can always glaze your creations in order to intensify their colors and luster.