Golden Care Hardwood Protctors

Golden Care Hardwood ProtctorsGolden Care hardwood protectors: do you know of our products? If not, then it is high time you did!
Let me put it this way: have you ever witnessed the complete deterioration of your new wooden outdoor furniture from light brown to a dark-grey and greenish look in a short time period (with a few months or even a few weeks) due to moisture, rain, sunlight or dirt? If so, I have some information that may interest you. There are simple ways to restore or maintain the look of your furniture intact for a long period of time. And Golden Care hardwood protectors is the solution to your problem.
Let me be more specific. Golden Care, operating since 1996, is a company which is specialized in the care and protection of teak and other outdoor hardwood furniture, including fences and decks. Its purpose is focused on the better teak and hardwood furniture maintenance by giving them a long term protection against the effects of the weathering process. How? With the use of hydrophobic nanotechnology which can prevent the water ingress into the structure of the furniture. Golden care is committed to the development of cleaning and protection products as well, and constantly improves its products like the Golden Care hardwood protectors thanks to on-going researches.

The first product, out of the many Golden Care hardwood protectors, that you can buy to clean and restore hardwood with golden-brown color is the teak cleaner packaging which also contains brightener. Its formula is water based and works great for deck flooring and fences. It does not contain oil, so it’s not greasy, it prevents black spots and it’s up to four times better than hardwood oil. The application is very easy for the consumer. In addition, you can also apply to your furniture the teak protector which maintains the color for a longer time. In case your furniture has a more red-brown or dark-brown color, the hardwood protector is more suitable because it maintains the natural dark-brown color of tropical hardwoods for a longer time. However, you can also use the other teak care products efficiently. Moreover, browsing through the company’s products, you can also find more Golden Care hardwood protectors that can meet your specific needs, such as the teak patinizer, the teak whitener and the teak shield.

Despite the high quality of Golden Care hardwood protectors, there is also one parameter which you need to keep in mind when you choose a product for the maintenance of your outdoor furniture: Golden Care products not only perform better but are also safe for the environment. Since they are water based, the products do not irritate the skin and are completely free of solvents, toxic or corrosive ingredients.

All in all, the remarkable effects that Golden Care Hardwood protectors can have on hardwood furniture and floorings in conjunction with the eco-friendly features, will definitely find a way to your house and to your heart. After all who doesn’t want to preserve his furniture as good as new for as long as possible?

The Golden Care Company’s key objective is to keep outdoor furniture looking new and to give it long term protection against the effects of the weathering process. And at the same time, cause minimal impact to the environment and human safety and comfort.

Our main focus is providing better teak & hardwood furniture maintenance. for example our teak protector outperforms teak oil and teak sealers by far. We are 100% dedicated to the care and protection of teak and other outdoor hardwood furniture. As it is the only thing we do, we will make sure we stay ahead of our less focused competitors.