Glass Door Pulls

Glass Door PullsGlass door pulls add class, style and sophistication to your drab looking cabinets, which are generally placed either in the kitchen, living room, or the bathroom. Usually many people don’t bother much about attaching good looking glass door pulls on their cabinets as they feel that the cabinet’s design is already standing out and that’s where they are wrong. A cabinet usually stands out if it’s equipped with a pair of beautiful and unique glass door pulls.

If you have shopped for some good looking glass door pulls and want to know how to go about installing them in your kitchen cabinets without having to call in the professionals, then read the following easy do-it-yourself tips that will help you to install the door pulls with ease.

Tips On How To Install Glass Door Pulls At Home
For hanging cabinet doors
1. Using a pencil mark the points on the hanging cabinet drawers where you are likely to install the new glass door pulls. For high cabinets you can mark a position about 3 inches above from the bottom edge and 3 inches from the top edge for low cabinets. Make sure the points where the door pull installation is done in such a manner that they can be easily accessed either way. For framed cabinets, the door pulls can be screwed in the center of the frames.
2. Using a power drill, drill a hole at points marked out with the pencil. Make sure the drill bit has the same diameter as the screws in the door pulls.
3. Then take the glass door pulls and position them on the front side of the cabinet, while you insert and tighten a screw from the backside of the cabinet to secure the door pull in place.

For kitchen drawers
1. Using a measuring tape, measure the height and width of the drawer. Then divide this measurement in half to get the center or horizontal portion of the drawer and mark it with a pencil. This will give you the point at which you have to install the door pull.
2. Take the door pull and see whether it has one point or points of attachment or screw holes. If it has two holes, then measure the width of the holes in the door pull and mark the same onto the drawer. Make sure these two marks are appropriately centered from the left and right sides of the drawer, likewise it should be equal from both top and bottom of the drawer.
3. Using a power drill, drill the respective holes into the front of the drawers. Now position your glass door pull in the front and insert and tighten the screws from the inside of the drawer in order to secure the pull in place.

Shopping for good quality glass door pulls is a tough task, as you have to make sure these door pulls match with the color of the cabinet doors in your kitchen, as they come in a variety of styles, colors and designs. Moreover, you have to also ensure whether these glass door pulls will be able to withstand the rough usage in the coming months or not. So, go ahead and visit your local furniture store and purchase some beautiful glass door pulls to enhance the look of your kitchen cabinets!