Gila Window Film

Gila Window FilmA Gila window film is used to prevent any harsh sunlight or unsafe UV rays from seeping in through the bedroom or hall windows. Apart from providing privacy, a Gila window film also cuts down the sun’s glare and offers extra insulation within the house, thereby cutting down on the electricity bills to cool the temperature of the rooms.

Earlier a Gila window film used to be in a monotone color with no designs whatsoever. But off late, many companies have come with designer Gila window film that will suit and blend well with the overall look and features of your beautiful house. Here are some easy to do tips on how to install a Gila window film in your house.

8 Tips On How To Install Gila Window Film
1. Select the window that you want to apply the Gila window film on. Before application the temperature of the window should be somewhere in between 40 – 90 degrees F and it should remain at that same temperature for the next three days as that will allow the Gila film to adhere well on the glass pane.
2. Clean the glass pane on the inside, by spraying it with a glass cleaner. Then using a lint-free cloth, scrub the glass clean. Try cleaning the edges of the window pane by removing any dead bugs, dust and dirt particles etc.
3. Using a measuring tape, measure the width and length of the window. Then roll out the Gila window film on a clean surface and mark the measurements. When cutting the film, make sure you cut 1 inch more than the exact measurement.
4. Take two pieces of the clear tape and attach them on either ends of the Gila film. After that pull the tapes away only half way through in order to separate the film from the clear lining.
5. Using the Gila application solution, spray it on the window until completely soaked. Then spray the same on either sides of the exposed Gila film, so as to easily remove it from the clear liner.
6. Now pull the clear tapes away from each other so as to completely separate the Gila film and clear liner. Take away the sticky side of the film and spray it with the Gila application solution all over.
7. Now carefully position the Gila window film onto the window pane and let the extra 1 inch overlap on the sides. You may need an extra pair of hands here, so as to hold the bottom portion of the non-sticky side of the Gila film while you start positioning it form the top on the glass pane.
8. Gently flatten out the Gila film making sure no bubbles appear with the help of a squeegee. After flattening it out, you can now trim away the extra 1 inch using a box cutter or a razor blade.
A Gila window film is an inexpensive investment when it comes to specifically styling and designing the interiors of a bedroom or hall windows. Moreover, if you feel that your glass window panes need to be revamped, then just purchase some cool Gila window film from a well-known store and apply them on the window panes by following the above tips and see good comments coming your way from guests!