Foam Tape

Foam Tape

Foam tape is a type of stripping done due to weather which helps in sealing doors and windows. Popularly used in home office organizing, scrapbooking, creative paper crafts and home décor. It is usually installed on the door jambs and around window sash to seal out wind and block out warm air from escaping in colder months or during winters of the seasons. These spaces around the doors and windows are common sources of losing heated air during cold weathers however, the opposite happen during hot weather.

The usage of a foam tape is the economical way of conserving the energy and save money on fuel. Fixing a foam them is pretty simple. Using a utility knife, it is possible to trim it out so that it fits the door jamb and sash exactly. It is easier to make a homemade foam tapes as it is a useful alternative to the purchasing one at the stores. The bought one may not usually benefit all the needs of the house and has some limitation in terms of size or shape when compared with the homemade one.

Always before installing the foam tapes on to the spaces around the doors and windows ensure that the window frames are at the best condition and also the window opens and closing well; work properly. Note down the sizes of the gaps around the window and the doors and tightening well any hardware that may be loose. Consider replacing any damaged frame or broken parts and ensure you insulate underneath them before commencement of attaching a new framework

When you apply it to windows, ensure that it does not interfere with normal movement of the window panes. In windows, install the foam tape on sliding or from the interior of the double-hung windows, at the top and bottom of the window sash and on the sides of the inside window frame. Determine what size of foam tape you would use to accomplish your task by measuring around each door and window, adding up the figures and topping up 10% of the sum found.

The following are some type of foam tape that you may consider buying and use at home or office: vinyl, neoprene and ribbed foam rubber tape are the common types of foam tapes that are used in weatherproofing. If it is compared to other weatherproofing materials that are stapled or nailed into woodwork, they are much easier to apply due to the fact that they adapt to compression, flexibility and they are good insulators and normally adhesive. Nonetheless, it is available in various thicknesses and widths for different ranges of door and window weatherproofing situations.

Since foam tape is just papers improvised for sealing purposes therefore it is not a permanent solution and hence there is need for replacement after sometimes. When the tape is exposed to freezing, heating and moisture, or rather abrasion and friction it wears quickly and deteriorates. Thus, it should be checked out so that you determine if it wise to replace it after let’s a year or fall season and the commencement of every summer.