FloortxThere are several aspects to your home that you just cannot afford to redo again and again. The flooring of the house is one such aspect and re-flooring is something which is a very expensive and time consuming affair. The good thing however is that there is several things that you can do which can protect the flooring and at the same time increase the lifespan of the floor. The floor of the house is basically the most used surfaces in the house and almost all furniture in the house will invariably come in contact with the floor. Most of the stationary furniture like racks and cupboards are placed on an extended parapet or are given adequate cushioning to ensure that they do not damage the floor. Some of the furniture also comes with bushes at the legs which will prevent the floor from feeling the weight of the furniture. But most of the furniture which you use regularly poses a huge threat to the life of the flooring. It is therefore necessary to ensure that the floor does not suffer because of the furniture.

Floor-tex basically ensures that the floor is protected by preventing the actual contact between abrasive surfaces and the floor. Floor -tex will be able to protect any kind of flooring ranging from carpets to real wood to laminated floors. The mats of floor-tex come in various shapes and sizes and can be used for any place. The best thing about the mats is that they are translucent which ensures that the colour of the underlying floor will still be visible even after the mat is used. There are also several floor-tex mats which can be used outdoors as well. These mats will come in very useful when you want to protect you floor from castor chairs or rocking chairs. The lower surface of the mats will adhere to the surface of the floor very easily ensuring that they will not move around when you place a chair or any furniture on the top of the mats.

There are gripper backed mats which can be used on the carpet floors. This will have spikes on the lower surface of the mat which will anchor the mat in the position. There are also smooth backed mats which are ideal for use on hard wooden floors or on laminated floors. There are also several Anti slip mats which stick to the high gloss floors like marble or granite. These have a very tight grip and will easily adhere to any smooth surface when placed on them.

The mats are made up of a material called polycarbonate and PVC which ensures that they have the natural ability to adhere to things easily. The other thing about the material is that it is extremely durable and strong and will be able to get contoured to any surface that it is placed on. Using this will surely help you retain your flooring for much longer than before.