Floor Tiles

Floor TilesFloor tiles play a very important role when it comes to both exterior and interior decorations. Therefore it’s important for one to visit any home improvement nearby store to find out the kinds of tiles available for use.
There are very many factors which should be considered while choosing a floor tile. Other than the first impression it gives to the eye, the cost, availability and the repair and maintenance should also be priority.
Tiles are either made from either ceramic materials or natural stones. Each and very material come with its own advantages and disadvantages with varying qualities. Natural stones include granite, slate and marble. They are cost effective, durable and very many finishes can easily be achieved.

On the other hand, ceramic tiles by heating different pieces of clay at varying but high temperatures resulting to very many desirable finishes.

Floor tiles also come in a wide variety of shapes. This may include square, rectangle and square. One can also arrange tiles in a more creative manner to form other shapes such as parallelograms or trapezium. This will only depend on one’s creativity.
These shapes also come in different colors; be it blue, red or green. It will all depend on what a particular consumer’s desires.
But what are some of the most important factors that one must consider while installing tiles? This is one of the most challenging and tiresome task for very many people.

First you have to identify where you would wish to place your tiles. Whether, in the living room, kitchen, bathing room or at the 3entry way. For instance, tiles placed on the entry way must strong enough to with stand the stress which it constantly experiences and they must be easy to clean. One of the most commonly used materials include slate, marble, porcelain and ceramic amongst others.

It is advisable to identify the central position which should always be the starting point from which the floor tiles should be placed outwards. Cutting floor tiles is always one of the most challenging tasks too as the edges are at times very sharp and may cause injuries.

Cleaning the surface where the floor tile are to be installed is imperative since it’s the only way to make the adhesives to stick to both the floor and tiles in the in the right way.
When the old floor tiles are to be replaced, then they must all be removed and the floor cleaned as well. Not even a single particle of the old tiles should be left on the working surface.
Moreover, before going to any home improvement store, one should be certain about the total area where the tiles are to be placed. This can save the user from either over or underestimation.
Remodeling home requires a lot of creativity besides being very sensitive to various shapes and colors. Floor tiles arranged in a disorganized manner is worse than leaving the floor without tiles. This will also go hand in hand with the rooms where the tiles are to be placed as different rooms require different types of floor tiles be color, shape or strength.