Beautiful Tile with Mapei

You won’t want to miss our special sale on Mapei products (9/21-9/25/2016) using promo code BOGO13. It’s easier than you think to create beautiful tile with Mapei products. Designed for the tile professional but easy to use for a thrifty do-it-yourselfer, Mapei offers a variety of products whether you are looking to lay fresh tile or refresh old tile.

To lay new tile, consider using Mapei Ultracare Plus FA grout. It’s pre-mixed fine aggregate grout and offers an advanced formula with superior grout technology.

By using pre-mixed grout that is available is several colors, you can create a designer look easily. Consider using classic white tiles with contrasting grout for a bold statement that fits within any budget.

But what if you have existing tile you want to update or repair?

  • If the tile is in good condition, consider using Mapei Grout Refresh to make tile look good as new.
  • For stained natural stone tile, you can lift the stain out while protecting the stone using Mapei Ultracare Grout, Tile, Stain, and Haze Remover.
  • If your tile is damaged or needs to be updated, you can tile over existing tile using a strong enough product like Mapei Eco Prim Grip Primer.


Stay Safe on Tile with Our Tips

Keep you and your family safe when using a tile surface. Tile is an excellent floor material, because it is durable, attractive and easy to keep clean, but it also comes with its own share of risks. When using a tile surface, be careful of slippery surfaces and broken pieces. Fortunately, it is easy to keep you and others safe on tile using some clever products.

Bath and shower grip tape to prevent tile accidentsWhenever water hits tile, it can become slippery. A non-slip grip tape designed for your bath and shower will help keep people safe while using your bathroom. There are also thicker, industrial versions that are perfect for a pool area!

Koffler Sales offers top-notch commercial bath and shower tape by leading brands 3M and KSC in a variety of dimensions.

Be sure to keep a close eye out for water left on the tile, so you will not slip and fall. Tile is a very hard surface and it is very easy to get a large painful bruise or break a small bone after falling on tile.

Floor-mats-for-home-office-gym-shops-hotelMats can also help prevent tile accidents. By absorbing liquids and providing a grip surface, a good mat will prevent slipping and falling on tile. Consider using a mat to absorb water in your entrance way for your shop, hotel, office or home. You can also use commercial grade mats outside of showers in a locker room (we recommend this style) or any space that has water on tile.

A mat will also be able to temporary cover a broken tile before it is replaced safely. Broken tiles over have jagged edges that can cut bare skin or damage shoes.

Roppe Vinyl Edge Trim - ADA wheelchair compliant Tile can have very sharp edges, so to prevent accidents as people walk from one flooring material to a tiled area, we recommend adding a piece of edging trim for a smooth (and safe!) transition. Keep in mind that if two flooring surfaces are not flush with each other, people can trip. A piece of edge trim will cover any unevenness and will make the surface easier to use for people in wheelchairs too.

Whether you want vinyl edge trim by Roppe or slim line transition edging by Johnsonite, Koffler Sales offers a wide selection to help you find the perfect product for your home, office, or hotel.

What should you do if you do accidentally slip and fall? If you are 100% sure that you have not broken a bone or suffered a moderate soft tissue injury (in which case, seek emergency medical treatment immediately), consider using a bag of frozen vegetables as an ice pack. Press firmly on the bruise to reduce blood flow to the area (compression reduces bruising). After 24 hours, switch from cold therapy to hot with either an electric blanket or hot water compresses.

Stay safe, friends!

Maintaining A Hotel

Whether your dream is to open a bed and breakfast, trendy boutique hotel or start a national hotel chain, you have to be prepared for all of the expenses that come with starting a new hotel. Operating and maintaining a hotel can be very expensive when you factor in the costs of keeping the lobby well attended, the rooms clean and advertising costs. Plus, you can’t expect that you will sell out rooms every night.

One way to save on maintenance expenses is to outfit your hotel with commercial-grade wall and floor protection products, so you can save on cleaning, repair and replacement costs.


For example, corner guards can protect your wall corners from chips, cracks and scuffs caused by guests’ luggage. Made out of a durable rubber, some corner guards options have pigment through the product and will not show scuffs.

If you are opening a bed and breakfast, you can find functional corner guards that will still fit a quaint, historic design like these carved wood corner guards.

Seal and protect the tile floors in your hotel lobby or guest bathrooms, and you’ll have easier to clean floors that show less wear and tear. With Mapei Ultracare stone, tile and grout sealers, you can always have shiny floors that are ready to repel stains caused by spills and other accidents.

Business entry ideas

To also help keep lobby floors free of outside debris during all hours of the day, consider using a entrance mat. Add your business logo to the mat to amplify your branding efforts.

With all purchases for your new hotel business, don’t look at only the price tag. Consider your return on investment over time. Spending a little more on quality products today could save you hundreds of dollars next year on maintenance or pay roll costs.

Best of luck with your new hotel, and Koffler Sales hopes to be your vendor of choice in the future!

Affordable and Long Lasting Tile

Spring is in the air, and you may be writing out a list of repair projects to tackle. Installing, repairing and restoring tile is a great project because of its long lasting rewards. Tile and stone are durable surfaces that are perfect for any space — commercial or residential. Tile and stone are also easy to clean and maintain with the right products, but don’t worry, Koffler Sales has you covered.

Tile Floors Maintenance and Repair

Tile and Stone Primer

Before laying tile, you need to prime your surface for application. A good primer, like Mapei Eco Prim Grip Primer, will make your surface even for tile installation as well as improve adhesion (so it lasts). A unique feature of Mapei Eco Prim Grip Primer is that you can lay tile over tile, which will save you money and time when you’re ready for an update.

Tile Grout

Mixing grout can be a pain, but there are pre-mixed grouts on the market that can save you time and frustration. Koffler Sales offers Mapei Flexcolor CQ Grout that is ready-to-use and available in several designer colors. This pre-mixed grout remains ready-to-use for up to a year after opening (with proper storage), so it is perfect for property maintenance companies who may have several tile projects throughout the year. Who doesn’t hate waste?

Koffler Tip: For big design on a small budget, consider pairing colorful pre-mixed grout with standard white tile. 

Tile, Stone and Grout Sealer

After taking your time to make sure each tile or stone was laid perfectly, you’ll want to seal your handiwork for a long lasting result. Koffler Sales carries a wide variety of sealers so you can choose the right one, made specifically for your type of tile installation. To view their tile, stone and grout sealers, click here.

After-Care Products

Whether it’s grout cleaner, stain remover or haze remover, there’s a cleaning product that can tackle any maintenance issue. In many cases, worn or damaged tile and stone can be restored for less than $50 in materials. When properly maintained, you can expect your tile fixtures to last a very long time. To view a selection of Mapei UltraCare products designed to remove stains and damage, click here.

Build the Ultimate Man Cave

Do you want to wow your friends the next time you invite them over to watch the game? Consider stepping up your hang out space to the Ultimate Man Cave. Whether you want to add some personalization to your basement or garage, Koffler Sales has you covered with inexpensive, DIY decor ideas that can turn any space into one you’re proud of.

Diamond Plate Checker Tile Make any space feel like a luxury car show room with Interlocking Diamond Plate Tiles. Easy to install, these interlocking tiles simply snap together and are removable/reusable if you want to use them again in another space.

Interlocking Diamond Plate Tiles are easy to clean, and they can be assembled in a variety of patterns as well.

If you and your friends always seem to have a craft beer in hand when you get together, think about putting in a bar with refrigerator and a place for your Kegerator. UltiMATE® Garage Office Storage Cabinets can be customized to create a back bar to store glassware, bar tools, and more. Consider a Magnetic Panel for an inexpensive, industrial-cool backsplash that can be easily customized. Add photos and magnets from your favorite sports teams or store hot sauce in a magnetic organizer.

Are you a service member? Proudly display a flag for the U.S. Marines, Army, NOfficial Marines Flagavy, Air Force, or Coast Guard.

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Ceramic Corner Tile

Ceramic Corner TileWhen you lay down tiles, you are actually filling the space between the tile and the floor. There are many places where you have to replace the fix with evolution joints.

Ceramic corner tiles are famous clay tiles that are smooth and used for flooring in bathroom, kitchen and other parts of your house. When selecting ceramic tiles, try to purchase the tiles all in a same group. This is because different groups of ceramic tiles can refine slight alteration in coloring.


If you need to cut tiles to fit in artless places, then you should acknowledge renting a foggy saw designed to cut tile. These saws are use to cut the tile by diamond-boundary blades, and can be active, although costly. Scribers is a sharp tool that is used to make lines into the tile that can be broken to build a clean cut. Tile nippers and cutters are human clarification of tile saw. You can also use blades applied with same material or diamonds. They are difficult to use in cutting the tiles in straight lines, but they are more useful for mode work.

Ceramic corner tiles need occasional renovation to change the broken tiles. The ceramic tile needs to be changed under the following conditions:
1. Lots of tiles are cracked and loose.
2. The grout is degrading over the all area.
3. The floor is elastic when it is pressed.


To secure the tile, you have to be alert not to scrape the around tiles. Defend few of the exhausted secured chips to your need to change the destroyed tile. The use a fasten knife to chip out makes it clear to buy the right color restoration grout. Fix off any old tile holding or apart grout to arrange an even surface.

Compass tile holding onto the back of the new tile with a rough trowel. Press the new tile into place, consolidating it in the gap. Clear out all holding that has drip into the joint around the tile. When the holding is barren, fix around the tile.


Ceramic corner tiles can last a long time, it is the fix around them, which can crush or become rusted. You will need to refit the tiles, which is a job that will take at last a day, and apparently an excursion, for a classic bathroom floor.

It’s best to lay ceramic tiles in the middle of the room, build them out in a grate figure toward the edges and to fit the tiles along the wall. One benefit of ceramic corner tiles over stone tiles is that you can use an easy amount-and-cinch tile cutter to cut the tiles in the substitute of a power saw. Tiles should be cut in the corners of the room twice, in two perpendicular indications, with each cut going all the design across the tiles.


BullnoseVisiting any home improvement warehouse will always give one an exposure of the numerous tiles which can be used for interior decorations. Bullnose tiles are some of the most common types of tiles which can be used to decorate either a kitchen or a bathroom. They are used in counter tops and at the corners especially when the corner is curved amongst other places. They are normally used when a relatively smooth corner is to be achieved in a design work.
These tiles serve the same purpose as other types of tiles. The only feature which makes it to be unique is the round edge. Its name is believed to have been originated from the round nose of a bull. Otherwise, it comes in different colors, sizes and texture depending on the manufacturer.

Choosing a tile depends on very many factors. This depends on the interior of the house which may include the ceiling boards, the walls and the furniture which may be placed in the house. All these depends on what on the kind of designs and colors one is comfortable with. Examples of bullnose tiles include:

The figure above shows a bullnose tile which is normally used for a granite counter tops.

This is another image of a bullnose opening tile.
There are very many types of bullnose tiles available in home improvement stores. Some of the most commonly used tiles include
– Rectangular
– Square
– Corner
They all serve very important purposes in the house interior design work. Let’s have a quick look at some of these common types of bullnose tiles.

The rectangular bullnose tiles
These types of tiles are commonly used in various kinds of installations. They are rectangular in shape. The most common size is 7.5 by 32.5 cm. They are relatively longer than the ordinary tiles. At the four edges, these tiles have a very smooth curve which at times can be designed in such a way that it becomes narrower as compared to other parts of the tile. They aren’t very much different from other types of tiles except for the round edges. They come in a wide range of colors with varied textures depending on where it is to be used. They are recommended when larger tiles are being used.
The square bullnose tiles.

These kinds of tiles are normally used when installing smaller tiles. In most cases they mostly measure 15 by 15 cm. They are also very popular just like the rectangular ones. When installed accurately, they provide an exemplary look. Just as the name suggests, the last tile must have a round edge.

The corner bullnose tiles
These kinds of tile are widely used while installing wall tiles and backsplash regions. These tiles are unique in such a way that they have two rounded edges unlike the common types which has only one edge. Just like the square ones, these types of tiles are widely used when one is using smaller-sized tiles.
Be careful to choose the one which suits your house best, be it for countertops or floors.

Bullnose Tile

Bullnose TileBullnose tile never comes in a standard style or shape but it is available in various color, size and shape with the only feature remaining, the rounded edge. It is commonly used at the top of shower walls, top edge of kitchen backsplash etc. There are different types of tiles but the bullnose tile is one of the most popular kinds of tile since it has various applications.
It is designed to provide you with a more completed edge if you are not only installing tiles on the floor. With a variety of styles and options that come in with various bullnose tiles, you have a wide and broad choice of selecting the one that suits your needs and preference. The following are the various styles that the bullnose tile is in.

Rectangular Bullnose
The most common types of the bullnose tile come in a rectangular shape. For this type of bullnose tile has the dimensions in the region close to 3*13 inches thus giving you the opportunity of outlining the field tile with some few samples available. In most cases, the bullnose edge, or rather the rounded off edge is always the longest. Thus from the previous example, the 13 inches would be the bullnose edge.

However, despite having the rectangular bullnose as the most common, it is also possible to find others in different dimensions, and once again as from the previous example, the three inch side is where the bullnose is put. But you can find rectangular bullnose for various types of tile since it is widely used style of bullnose. It should be made with same color and in the same batch as those of the field tile. This provides you with the professional option for completing the tile installation sides.

Square Bullnose
This is the other common types of the bullnose tile; square bullnose. For this type of tile is usually seen as working for the smaller tiles. Its common dimensions are in the region of 4*4 inch and 6*6 inch tiles. A square bullnose field piece will frequently be the actual size as that of the field tile. This gives you a spectacular look since it appears as the last tile piece with a rounded edge on it. Typically, it is best when being used by tiles that are alike, or look the same. But if you are working with larger tiles the rectangular ones are the best.

Corner Bullnose
This is also another most common form of bullnose tile which has a number of applications. It is commonly used in installing any form of wall tile or a backsplash area. A corner bullnose is a piece of tile which has two rounded edges unlike other common bullnose tiles that have a single standard edge. It is used where you have a piece of tile that is not touching a wall from either sides thus the need of two finished edges, corner bullnose. It is also common when working with small sized tiles.

Floor Tiles

Floor TilesFloor tiles play a very important role when it comes to both exterior and interior decorations. Therefore it’s important for one to visit any home improvement nearby store to find out the kinds of tiles available for use.
There are very many factors which should be considered while choosing a floor tile. Other than the first impression it gives to the eye, the cost, availability and the repair and maintenance should also be priority.
Tiles are either made from either ceramic materials or natural stones. Each and very material come with its own advantages and disadvantages with varying qualities. Natural stones include granite, slate and marble. They are cost effective, durable and very many finishes can easily be achieved.

On the other hand, ceramic tiles by heating different pieces of clay at varying but high temperatures resulting to very many desirable finishes.

Floor tiles also come in a wide variety of shapes. This may include square, rectangle and square. One can also arrange tiles in a more creative manner to form other shapes such as parallelograms or trapezium. This will only depend on one’s creativity.
These shapes also come in different colors; be it blue, red or green. It will all depend on what a particular consumer’s desires.
But what are some of the most important factors that one must consider while installing tiles? This is one of the most challenging and tiresome task for very many people.

First you have to identify where you would wish to place your tiles. Whether, in the living room, kitchen, bathing room or at the 3entry way. For instance, tiles placed on the entry way must strong enough to with stand the stress which it constantly experiences and they must be easy to clean. One of the most commonly used materials include slate, marble, porcelain and ceramic amongst others.

It is advisable to identify the central position which should always be the starting point from which the floor tiles should be placed outwards. Cutting floor tiles is always one of the most challenging tasks too as the edges are at times very sharp and may cause injuries.

Cleaning the surface where the floor tile are to be installed is imperative since it’s the only way to make the adhesives to stick to both the floor and tiles in the in the right way.
When the old floor tiles are to be replaced, then they must all be removed and the floor cleaned as well. Not even a single particle of the old tiles should be left on the working surface.
Moreover, before going to any home improvement store, one should be certain about the total area where the tiles are to be placed. This can save the user from either over or underestimation.
Remodeling home requires a lot of creativity besides being very sensitive to various shapes and colors. Floor tiles arranged in a disorganized manner is worse than leaving the floor without tiles. This will also go hand in hand with the rooms where the tiles are to be placed as different rooms require different types of floor tiles be color, shape or strength.

Floor Plates

Floor PlatesModern technology has enhanced the way people do things and so is the standard of life. Everyone wants to be associated with good things and every business premise needs to look attractive so as to create good impression to its clients. Long gone are the days when the natural mixture of cement, sand ballast and other materials were used in constructions to create floors. Modern structures have incorporated technology in every aspect of the building including the floors. There are floor plates that are installed on the floors of buildings spaces such as office rooms, car parking venues and other rooms such as kitchen and washrooms among others.

Floor plates are made from different materials. The most common materials are wood (usually from hardwood trees such as mahogany, oak etc.), rubber, tiles and strong metals among others. The type of floor plate that would be ideal for your building depends on many factors such as the probable weight of the users, exposure to climatic changes such as rainfall, snow, sunlight, the activities that will be undertaken in that particular room and many more.

Floor plates made from rubber are considered to be best in terms of safety. This is because rubber has a grip factor that reduces friction thus decreasing chances of accidents that results from sliding and falling. It is also a type of material that is very durable and can withstand any type of climate without compromising its quality. Strong metal floor plate is ideal in areas where there are minimal human activities such as stores and parking slots since they are hardy. This is because they can be very slippery especially when watered thus causing accidents. The other commonly used material is the tile. They are usually very attractive when used as floor plates and the good thing with them is that they are very easy to install and clean. Wooden material is also another material that can be used and the good thing with wood is that it gives the room a natural look.

Buying floor plates can be a very daunting task and installing them can be a dreadful. However, it is advisable that you seek experts’ advice before you finally decide on buying the ideal floor plate. This is because the expert will guide you on the best floor plate to buy based on your location and the area where you want it to be fixed. He will also assist you in buying the type of floor plate that would be durable thus limiting your expenses on other costs such as maintenance and replacement.

As usual, the best place to but the floor plates is normally the internet. When you Research thoroughly on the internet, you will find out some of the best variety and deals. It also the perfect place to shop for the plates since you will be purchasing high quality items directly from the manufacturer. Online retailers also offer great price cut a well as other services such as shipping. It is only on the internet where you can find any type of floor plate that you need.