Floor Protector

Floor Protector

There are various types of floor protectors that are used in different purposes such as floor protector for office chair legs but the following are the different forms of floor protector: plastic, hardwood, rubber furniture, tap-on, laminate furniture and felt floor protectors.

In this case let us base the floor protector theme on hardwood floors as they are still regarded as one of the best stable quality of interior décor for over centuries ago. Due to its attractive appearance and durability thus it’s available as a wise and smart investment in almost any circumstances. Furthermore, protecting this form of investment is much easier as this will ensure benefit most out of the floors for decades.

With a floor protector from the hardwood you have the surety of unique aesthetic value at your home thus highly preferred in many households. Experts have determined that floors can last for three centuries if properly maintained hence it is require the most valuable type of floor protectors. Most hardwoods withstand a variety of abuse and their surfaces are resilient.

If you mind, you can use some exterior mats for overall protection from the abuse. For the sand debris that adhere to the shoes may results to roughness on to the floor and the exterior mat is a vital investment to act as the hardwood floor protector and it will as remain in your home for sometime but not like the hardwood floor. Gradual accumulation of the small abrasions will lead to drastic effect on to the floor over time. Therefore, an exterior mat with strong material on top is enough to scrub shoes at the entrance which immediately prolongs the life of the hardwood floors. On the same note, regular vacuuming or sweeping of the hardwood floor reduces the presence of the small particles by a great deal consequently lowering the chances of scratching the surface floor.

Another factor that is essential in the house but can also abuse the hardwood floor is the furniture. Furniture causes result to the majority of the scratches on floors. Furniture resting directly on the floor surface poses hazard to the floor. Nonetheless, this risk is easily handled in most cases. Just by visiting the local hardware store you’ll get felt pads that are simply adhered to the contact point of the furniture hence you’ll have ensured the floors are healthy and secure from scratches.

In order to keep your hardwood floor colorful for a very long time there is need to avoid exposing your floor to sunlight as it will make it fade due to the UV exposure. Since color fades it is important to rotate the furniture and area rugs frequently to enable the floor to age evenly and avoiding the light/dark spots which may force you to refinish the floor.

With these few protective measure for your hardwood wood floor, it is possible to extend the lifespan of the floor. Always keep off the children from the plays that will particularly rough the floor and have appropriate spot for the high heels to avoid the deformation of the surface.