Floor Protection Plus

Floor Protection PlusRudd Company Inc. is a company that has its headquarters in Seattle but mainly conducts its business online. Visit the company’s site, floor protection plus.com, and look the various products that you can buy and use to protect any kind of flooring.

Floor protection plus.com has its products divided into three categories: floor protectors, maintenance products and touch-up products. Under ‘floor protectors’, you will basically find tap-ins and adhesives. Tap-ins are small pieces of material that you can place under the legs of your furniture so that they don’t cause scratches and dents to your floor, while adhesive strips, for example, can offer heavy duty protection against marring that occurs between two heavy objects that come in contact (like, for instance, a bed frame and a cabinet that sit next to each other). Thanks to the fact that that those strips are adhesive, they are easy to stick anywhere there is a need. At floor protections plus.com, you will find such safeglides at different sizes and colors so that they meet your specific needs.

Under maintenance products, on the other hand, you can find various cleaning sprays and maintenance mops. For example, the best selling cleaning product ‘Glitsa clean’, contain a special formula that can very effectively protect all types of wooden floors that have a clear non-wax finish. It can also be used for the removal of dirt and grime, since it does not leave any oil residues. As for the various maintenance mops and mop replacements, their role is pretty much self-explanatory.

As for the last category of floor protection plus.com, that of touch up products, it basically includes three unique products: a) Gold Seal Aerosol – Semi-Gloss, b) Gold Seal Aerosol – Matte, and c) Gold Seal Aerosol – Satin. All three products are designed to protect small areas and rejuvenate their appearance from an aesthetic point of view that might have been ruined from light scratches; depending on the kind of surface that you wish to rejuvenate, you will have t use the analogous product.

At floor protection plus.com you will find all kinds of products that are necessary in order to protect your investment; after all, what is the point of buying a beautiful house (and paying a small fortune for it), if you are not to safeguard its beauty and enjoy it to the fullest. Besides products, however, at floor protection plus.com, you will also learn how to dust mop and how to clean your wooden floors effectively and effortlessly, as well as ways to maintain them, simply by clicking on the ‘Maintenance Tips’ button.

Floor protection plus.com is a very reliable site that ships your orders as soon as possible (no more than one or two days after you make our order). It has a reasonable return policy, and it is also committed to protecting your personal information (name, address, email address, and of course credit card information). Start ordering your products now! All you have to do is to go through a two-minute online registration process and you are good to go.