Adding Your Brand To Your Office Design

You’ve registered your business name and you have a logo, but what is next in branding your business? Having your business’s decor reflect your branding will serve two purposes that affect your bottom line: you will differentiate your business from competitors to your customers and cultivate corporate branding among employees.

Imagine you are a customer. You walk into a business, but you don’t know what they do or who they are. Will you be excited about that company? Likely not.

Now imagine walking into a business with adequate signage, coordinating colors that inspire your mood, and employees who speak uplifting phrases to you. You’ll likely have a better idea of who the company is and how doing business with them makes you feel.

Ways to Brand

Business entry ideasIn addition to signage, consider using logo floor mats help brand your business from ceiling to floor. You will likely need a mat to keep your floors clean of debris and to prevent accidents during wet weather, so why not use one that incorporates your brand name, mascot or trademarked slogan?

Incorporate colors from your company’s logo in the details of your office or shop design. If your logo is blue, think about using blue wall base as an accent color in your office. You can also use colored rubber flooring for a sharp design that is easy to clean and inexpensive to maintain.

Cove-Molding-Profiles-imgConsider how the details tie into your brand. If you want to associate traditional, secure and established characteristics with your business, traditional mill work wall base or wood grain wall base will be a better fit for your office design. This is particularly good for businesses like law firms, accounting firms, doctor offices, and banks.

Remember that branding your business goes beyond how it looks or the colors in your logo (though those factors contribute to your brand). Branding is how others describe your business, and that includes how your employees engage with customers or how quickly they get their products/services or how easy it is to complete a transaction.

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Maintaining A Hotel

Whether your dream is to open a bed and breakfast, trendy boutique hotel or start a national hotel chain, you have to be prepared for all of the expenses that come with starting a new hotel. Operating and maintaining a hotel can be very expensive when you factor in the costs of keeping the lobby well attended, the rooms clean and advertising costs. Plus, you can’t expect that you will sell out rooms every night.

One way to save on maintenance expenses is to outfit your hotel with commercial-grade wall and floor protection products, so you can save on cleaning, repair and replacement costs.


For example, corner guards can protect your wall corners from chips, cracks and scuffs caused by guests’ luggage. Made out of a durable rubber, some corner guards options have pigment through the product and will not show scuffs.

If you are opening a bed and breakfast, you can find functional corner guards that will still fit a quaint, historic design like these carved wood corner guards.

Seal and protect the tile floors in your hotel lobby or guest bathrooms, and you’ll have easier to clean floors that show less wear and tear. With Mapei Ultracare stone, tile and grout sealers, you can always have shiny floors that are ready to repel stains caused by spills and other accidents.

Business entry ideas

To also help keep lobby floors free of outside debris during all hours of the day, consider using a entrance mat. Add your business logo to the mat to amplify your branding efforts.

With all purchases for your new hotel business, don’t look at only the price tag. Consider your return on investment over time. Spending a little more on quality products today could save you hundreds of dollars next year on maintenance or pay roll costs.

Best of luck with your new hotel, and Koffler Sales hopes to be your vendor of choice in the future!

Custom Logo Floor Mats

Custom Logo Floor Mats

Custom logo floor mats are a great way to show off your company’s logo! There are probably very few things that can do a promotion job better than customizing anything. Regardless of your need, customizing a product can build not only identity but also customer loyalty. Why not complete the image that you want to build for yourself and your business by having custom logo floor mats for your business and products?

And if you really want to build the loyalty of your customers, try having snazzy custom floor mats with your business name, logo, and message that compliments their business. What could be better than when customers enter your business or another and the first thing they see if your name?

Customized logo floor mats are not only a classy but complete the image package for your business and product. And if you can get your custom logo floor mats in front of the business of your customers, your promotional efforts have done double duty.

How many times have you gone into a business that had a doormat in front with either no customization, or even worse, the name of an entirely different business on it? Chances are there was no impression made or it created confusion on the part of the customer entering the place of business. Worse yet, why have the name of the company that provides your business uniforms and mats benefiting from having their name out front?

Now, with, you can create a positive image from the moment your customer enters your business with your custom produced message, name and logo out in front. What better way is there to say “Welcome to Our Business” than with a floor mat that has the name of your business and a positive sales message?

And don’t forget that your customers not only enter your business, but they also exit as well. Why not have an exit message on a floor mat inside of your doors that thank your customers for their patronage and reinforce the purchase that the customer has made with you? This way, not only do you welcome your customer in, but you also reinforce the positive feelings they have about bringing you their business.

With, we work with you to create the custom logo floor mats that best present your business and your special sales message. Stumped? We can support you with the finest creative professionals that will either produce mats for you or help you gain ideas that will get you to your goals. We can even help you with the art and design of your custom logo floor mats that will make them something you are proud to have in front of your business.

As little as you may think of it, what you have in front of your business says lots about what is inside. Don’t let our customer wait until he or she is inside to give them their first good impression of what they will find when they do business with you.

Make your customer’s first impression one that is not only good, but the best it can be with custom logo floor mats from

Custom Logo Floor Mats

Logo Floor Mats

Logo Floor Mats
logo floor matsLogo floor mats are the perfect combination of your company’s logo, safety and high visibility. A key factor to the success of any company is advertising. Informing the public of your products and service turns the public into potential customers. Quality advertising does not have to be expensive just creative.

State of the art printers allow the use of any color schemes turning an ordinary mat into a costumed logo floor mat that’s guaranteed to grab your visitor’s attention. No matter how unique your company logo may be, trained graphic artist can create a mat that will enhance any interior environment.

Logo floor mats not only provide a customized feel to your business ambience but it also adds a level of safety to your overall business. The mats are designed to be certified slip resistant by the national floor safety institute. Having reliable safety equipment such as floor mats will help avoid on the job accidents.

The mats are made with 15 to 20 percent recycled content with green friendly rubber backing. It offers trouble free performance with cracking and curling resistance, 100 percent rubber backing and anti-static nylon carpet. It uses Lutradur substrate which creates a premium bond between the carpet and the rubber.

Unlike other big money marketing tools, logo mats have no set or servicing cost. You just roll it out and lay it down. If you’re not looking to advertise your company with logo mats can be used for business mission state or the company’s motto. These mats can have just about any size font and can write phrases and other saying in any size print both small and large.

You can not only reproduce a design but you can also add shading as well as a 3 D effect for your logo mats. These mats are not only good for commercial use, but may also add character to any single family home’s kitchen or living area. The mats vary in size and price depending on you custom design. Sizes range between 1 foot minimum and 40 feet maximum.  Standard sizes and colors can range from fifty to eight hundred dollars. Custom designs will vary depending on customer demand for logo mats.

Cleaning your mat is easy. Just vacuum your mat thoroughly and then take water hose and hose it down finally just hangs it in a secluded area to dry. Floor mats have an array of applications and uses such as anti-fatigue mats that provide you with optimal cushion and comfort for those long stand up days. You also have rubber floor mats that are ideal for food preparation area due to their durability and resistance to water. You may also find mats in the form of vinyl and rubber runners.

Logo floor mats are a cost friendly solution to a number of your business problems. They provide comfort for employees, advertising for potential customers as well safety for the business owner. No matter how you cut it is a wise and almost necessary business tools for any size business you may have.

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Logo Floor Mats

Logo Mats

Logo Mats

logo mats

Logo mats can be customized.

Logo mats are popular items that many businesses purchase. Logo mats are welcome mats or other various types of floor mats that prominently display the company’s logo. They can be designed to many different specifications and can be fitted to display any logo that you may have. Some people may believe that there is little purpose to a logo mat, but that it not true. There are many benefits to owning a logo mat for your business.

For example, one of the most obvious advantages to purchasing a custom made logo mat is that it will allow your customers to get more exposure to your logo and brand name. The first two things that a person usually sees when they enter a building is any sign that they have out front and the mat in front of the door. With the mat also proudly displaying your logo you can become a very recognized business in your area.

In addition, having a welcome mat that is displaying bright, inviting colors will be a welcome sight to your customers. The colors may also compliment your interior décor. With the right color scheme, you can make your mat a very fitting decoration.

Another advantage to these mats is that they help prevent dirt and grime from being tracked into your building. Dirt and grime being tracked in may seem like a minor inconvenience, but it is more troublesome than you may think. You can sweep or mop it up, but after some regular traffic on your floors you could end up with significant floor damage. Not only do these mats keep your floors clean, but they also keep them from becoming damaged over time.

These mats also don’t require much in terms of maintenance. A logo mat is usually made of strong, resistant material that will last for quite a long time. A quick run through a washing machine and a regular vacuuming will help keep your logo mat bright and colorful. If your logo mat is too big to fit in a washing machine, most stains can easily be removed with a steam cleaner.

Logo mats don’t need to be strictly for customer use. Some mats around the building where your employees work can help keep a worker’s feet comfortable. They can reduce fatigue and maybe even prevent foot pain while standing for extended periods of time. A nice mat on a cold tile floor can also help keep a worker’s feet warm, especially in the cold of autumn and winter. Making your employees more comfortable and warm will boost company morale and improve productivity.

The mats will also help prevent any falls from happening in the building. A good business cares about the well-being of their employees and their customers. A nasty fall can cause serious injuries such as fractures, broken bones, concussions and more. A few mats in the workplace and a couple carefully placed around the main area can prevent them from harm.

A logo mat is great for quick advertising, exposure, safety and keeping your floors clean and in good shape. Any logo can be turned into a logo mat. If you want all of the benefits of a logo mat, grab your company’s logo and select a mat to get started on creating your own logo mat.

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Logo Mats