Stay Safe on Tile with Our Tips

Keep you and your family safe when using a tile surface. Tile is an excellent floor material, because it is durable, attractive and easy to keep clean, but it also comes with its own share of risks. When using a tile surface, be careful of slippery surfaces and broken pieces. Fortunately, it is easy to keep you and others safe on tile using some clever products.

Bath and shower grip tape to prevent tile accidentsWhenever water hits tile, it can become slippery. A non-slip grip tape designed for your bath and shower will help keep people safe while using your bathroom. There are also thicker, industrial versions that are perfect for a pool area!

Koffler Sales offers top-notch commercial bath and shower tape by leading brands 3M and KSC in a variety of dimensions.

Be sure to keep a close eye out for water left on the tile, so you will not slip and fall. Tile is a very hard surface and it is very easy to get a large painful bruise or break a small bone after falling on tile.

Floor-mats-for-home-office-gym-shops-hotelMats can also help prevent tile accidents. By absorbing liquids and providing a grip surface, a good mat will prevent slipping and falling on tile. Consider using a mat to absorb water in your entrance way for your shop, hotel, office or home. You can also use commercial grade mats outside of showers in a locker room (we recommend this style) or any space that has water on tile.

A mat will also be able to temporary cover a broken tile before it is replaced safely. Broken tiles over have jagged edges that can cut bare skin or damage shoes.

Roppe Vinyl Edge Trim - ADA wheelchair compliant Tile can have very sharp edges, so to prevent accidents as people walk from one flooring material to a tiled area, we recommend adding a piece of edging trim for a smooth (and safe!) transition. Keep in mind that if two flooring surfaces are not flush with each other, people can trip. A piece of edge trim will cover any unevenness and will make the surface easier to use for people in wheelchairs too.

Whether you want vinyl edge trim by Roppe or slim line transition edging by Johnsonite, Koffler Sales offers a wide selection to help you find the perfect product for your home, office, or hotel.

What should you do if you do accidentally slip and fall? If you are 100% sure that you have not broken a bone or suffered a moderate soft tissue injury (in which case, seek emergency medical treatment immediately), consider using a bag of frozen vegetables as an ice pack. Press firmly on the bruise to reduce blood flow to the area (compression reduces bruising). After 24 hours, switch from cold therapy to hot with either an electric blanket or hot water compresses.

Stay safe, friends!

Tile Stair Edging


tile stair edging

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Tile stair edging added to stair areas can give a smooth, knitted together look. Tiles add a professional balance to stairs and give a secure grip to footing while moving up and down staircase. Get tile stair edging for interior and exterior stair areas. The material is attractive and rugged. The surface provides a tough solution for high traffic places, lessening wear and increasing safety. Apron edging is quite a nice finish for tile stair edging, offering a durable and attractive finish.

Moisture is a common problem with stairs especially those exposed to the outside. Tiles are the answer to standing water and slippery surfaces. This protection can be used on residential and commercial stairways; making your building a safer place. Edging is sold in vibrant tile colors or uniquely subdued shades. A few very popular tile installations are the Half Bullnose edging; which is very easy to install. It is great for patios and balconies and can be blended with a variety of tiles.

Purchase tile edging in Italian Marble, Terracotta and more; tying flooring together making it difficult to know where one part of the floor ends and the other begins. Laminates are also popular edgings, adding more glamour to your home. Tile stair edging may seem like a very small part of the home but details make the essence of a room. A poorly designed corner can throw off the look of a whole room.

Add tile products to your stairs and make them last for years. Front entry steps are a splendid place for tile. It can be purchased in many colors and styles and easily matched with sidewalks, pool areas or patio tiles. Create simple beauty in and around your home by using the finishing touch of tile stair edging. Tile edging can be used on wood steps with a few adjustments, giving every opportunity to add the beauty of tile to your home. A home can have many entry ways requiring stairs and tile stair edging will fit anyone. A home is a place of peace and safety. Using sturdy tile stair edging is one method of keeping every level of your home safely accessible.

Stair Edging for Tile

stair edging for tile

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People who have decided to put hard wood floors or tile in their homes instead of carpet have opted for a healthier method of keeping indoor air quality high. Tile floors especially are easier to care for and certainly are quite beautiful. However, with the beauty comes the trouble of skidding on a smooth surface. If the tile continues on the stairwell going upstairs, the homeowner probably had to settle for whatever brand the builder obtained with regard to stair edging for tile. It might or might not be non-skid. If the homeowner would like to buy a more attractive and safer product, help is here. Stair edging for tile comes in three forms and many lengths which can be cut down to fit the stair.

Anti-skid capability is the first thing to look for in stair edging for tile. During the rainy season or the winter months, homeowners don’t want their family and friends slipping on the floor and sustaining injury. Not to worry, stair edging for tile is made with grooved panels inserted in the edging. These come in different colors for the aesthetic-minded and can match up with the color scheme. The edging comes in many widths, from 9/32 of an inch up to 1/2 inch and everything in between. It comes in 8 feet lengths which can be adapted to the size of the stair. Stair edging for tile is available in both brushed and polished stainless steel, brass plated, natural and silver anodized. There is sure to be a style that will fit any color scheme.

The second thing to look for in stair edging for tile is the capability to protect the edge of the tile. Tile cracks and crumbles. Edging insures that pressure put on the ends of the tiles relayed outward from the corner of the stair do not result in cracks. That can be just as dangerous as skidding on the stair. If the stairwell encounters heavy traffic from people pounding up and down the stairs, or moving furniture up and down stairs, cracks could happen. Edging provides the tile edge protection because that’s where the pressure is put first.

When a homeowner enjoys tile flooring and tile stairs, stair edging for tile is a must-have item. Edging helps prevent slip and fall accidents in the home in addition to protecting the tile at the corner of the stair from cracking due to traffic or other pressure. This item is available in a variety of colors and sizes to complement any decor or color scheme. Koffler Sales has been in the business of edging tile stairs for many years and offers a quality selection sure to satisfy any homeowner.

Stair Edging for Tile

Tile Edging Trim

Tile Edging Trim

tile edging trim

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Tile edging trims are the long molded plastic strips that have 2.2 to 2.4m length. There are different depth and colors that are available in the market. The variety of depth is very much useful in the sense that it can accommodate various multitudes of tiles. Light pastel or white color is most commonly used because it is suitable with most of the tiles.

Normally the sizes are 6-8mm but these days large format tiles are in use that are from 9-12mm. People use these on internal corners but these are used for external edges and it can protect the external edges of tiles. Usually the size of tile is 90° and one edge trimmed by the manufacture. Some have 45° and a good finishing of square corner. Some shopkeepers do not bring these tiles because they feel there is risk of breakage in transportation.

There are different tile edging trims are available on the market but the main feature of the tile trim is that it can enhance the beauty of tiles and you have to pay less. You can find silk, matt or glossy finishing, closed or open shoulder, corner kit and an end cap in the plastic range. These tile trims are available in different types and everyone can get it according to his choice.

You can get it in brass, simulated chrome, simulated brass, chromium plated brass, gold, stainless steel, coated aluminum, chrome bright anodized aluminum, matching listello borders in marble effect and aluminum. Border to separate rows of tiles and listello is used for square edging trims sometimes if the surface is flat and straight. If you want to bridge between coverings like carpet, wood, and vinyl and the tile you can used floor tile trim. These edging trims are used for perfect fitting of tiles in bathroom. Many relief cuts are needed at inside and outside corners such as flooring will become smooth and flat over the floor.
Tile edging trim applications are used for vinyl. An open section is there for accommodating a vinyl skirting. Normally commercial businesses give preference to this. Mosaic tiles with 3mm thickness are of square shape that is available in stainless steel. For cutting the trim there are different ways that are used by people but the best way that is used these days is usage of miter box or small toothed saw.

Tile trim forming tool include some special metal tile trims that are like a similar formable trim. These special tools are used for the pillars and other wavy obstacles. These formable trims are good for using in wall tiling and floor tiling. In the inside tile corners the excess flooring is cut diagonally and the trimming is done slowly until the flooring becomes flat from the corner. From the outer side, the trimming begins from top of flooring and cut straight till the meeting points of walls and floor. It is in the hands of a person how he trims the edges these tile edging trim help in making it easy to provide a clearer and better floor and smooth edges. After that,floor surface must be cleaned. Different cleaners are available in the market that does not harm the floor.

Provision of effective transition in to balanced floor covering is the main purpose of usage of edging trim. A sloped trim is also a good idea if there is height difference between the adjacent floor and tiled floor. One very important factor that must be kept in mind while selection of tile edging trim is that there would be no extra space for the dust. The tile edging trim is also a good idea for the formation of waterproof assembly. There are specific tile edging trims for the sink rails, under the sink and countertop transition. After the right cutting of trim it is very important to install it in a good way otherwise it would not give a professional look.

Tile Edging Trim

Tile Edging

Tile Edging

tile edging

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Working hard is a standard to many, but hard work usually comes with its battle scars. With the daily grind of machinery and/or heavy items being hauled around it’s no wonder so many guys have their floors torn to pieces every month. Materials are delicate these days, so something is usually needed to protect the floors beneath the hard work going on on a daily basis. That’s where Koffler Sales comes in. Here, you’re going to get a variety of products specially designed for protecting your floors. What’s more important, though, is the look and feel that your floors will have after you take home some of the tile edging products.

A lot of things go into home decoration that go unseen or unnoticed. When someone first walks into a room they see the furniture and the color of the walls. If they’re very observant they may notice the fine art that you’ve selected for yourself. Rarely, though, does anyone notice the seems that bring the house together. Seems, without which, the house would look like an utter mess. Tile edging is one of those types of seems. It’s not one of the flashy decorations like paint or furniture, but it’s more important than people seem to give it credit for.

Tile edging is what many like to call “floor transition”. You’ll usually see it whenever the floor changes from being one type to another. An example of this is shown when wood panels in the living room change to tile in the kitchen, or carpet in the bedroom changes to hardwood in the hallway. If you haven’t noticed this before, you will now. Floor types very rarely change from one type to the other without some type of transition. It makes the home look more smooth, and can prevent from any type of knicks you may accumulate from scraping your feet on a raw transition.

The tile edging products on are, to say the least, state of the art. There are certain industry standards that one looks for when investigating where to buy their home products (particularly tile edging products), and Koffler Sales checks off every item on that list. Here, you won’t have be limited to the style of edging you want. There are all sorts of edging materials ranging from wood, metal, and plastic. Owning something like this is more than complimentary, it’s a necessity to have in any home.

The products come with different sizing so don’t be surprised at the pricing methods. Once you choose which materials you want to represent your home with, then the options only increase. You will be given your choice of colors, sizes, and even whether you’d like to continue shopping or check out right away. Tile edging is absolutely nothing to play around with. Especially when it comes to choosing the location that you want to buy your materials from. Koffler Sales is absolutely top of the line. Shopping here will only leave you with a satisfactory home that you’ll want to show off to all of your friends.

Tile Edging