Exterior Stair Treads

exterior stair treads

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When it comes to exterior stairs, durability and safety are of the utmost concern. Use of high quality, affordable exterior stair treads from KofflerSales.com covers both bases.

The Koffler exterior stair tread is a truly versatile product. Besides being built to cover everything from boats, to golf courses, to hospital walkways, they’re built to withstand highly adverse weather conditions. Safety too ranks highly amongst Koffler exterior stair tread features,

Koffler’s metal outdoor treads, just one of the fine exterior stair treads available at KofflerSales.com, are made from pressure-resistant, extruded aluminum that is 9/32” thick. They’re built to resurface all types of exterior stairs. These exterior stair treads feature an exclusive epoxy abrasive agent. It makes them slip-resistant to a degree even overreaching the bar set by OSHA and the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Koffler’s metal exterior stair treads feature a lip that overhangs approximately 1 1/8“ from the tread’s underside. Non slip abrasive strips are bored right into the metal. Customers can custom-select their preferred tread depth in levels from 9,” or 11,” all the way to a maximum of 12.’ Moreover, the 9 and 11 inch variants are offered with a glow-in-the-dark option, consisting of a sightline situated near the stair’s nose.

Koffler has a fiberglass exterior stair tread option too. This option revamps the look, while upgrading the safety and wear-resistance of every sort of fiberglass step. This includes those found in pool areas, to those found in commercial sectors, even those on oil platforms. Like their metal counterparts they exceed OSHA standards, while also withstanding all sorts of weather conditions.

These fiberglass treads are offered to the buyer at a maximum length of 120,” in depths ranging from 3,” to 12.” The fiberglass itself comes in grades from the lightest, super fine, to the toughest, super course. Naturally, the latter is designed to take on the most grueling of weather conditions. Customers can pick from a large array of hues, as well as solid, two-toned and even glow-in-the-dark varieties.

Besides its distinguished line of metal and fiberglass exterior stair treads, Koffler has the distinction of possessing the only line of rubber stair treads approved for exterior use. Both weather and fall resistant, like all of Koffler’s exterior stair treads, this one features a diamond pattern. It comes solely in black, specifically for square nosed stairs with a 1 1/2 inside. Lengths offered are 36”, 42”, 48”, 54”, 60”, 72.” These treads feature a depth of 12 3/8” and a thickness of 1/4”-3/16.

Buyers that put Koffler exterior stair treads on their list will find that their home-improving and business retrofitting concerns get a big boost.

Exterior Stair Treads