Exterior Non Slip Stair Treads

exterior non slip stair treads

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We have the solution to make your outside stairs safer. Take a close look at the stairs outside and see if they have any problems that could turn into a bigger problem. The best method to use to make these steps safe again is by installing exterior non slip stair treads made of metal with metal nosings. We offer a wide variety of exterior non slip stair treads and nosings which means many colors and nose profiles.

Anti-slip metal stair treads & nosings from Koffler Sales are available in many different colors. Our metal treads and nosings are custom made. Our outside stair tread and nosing products are custom made. The treads are mounted to the steps and are also mounted to the top of the steps with adhesive.

Our exterior non slip stair treads comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act as well as OSHA requirements for their anti-slip regulations. Meeting the Federal standards for stair treads means that these treads are qualified to help prevent your stairs from being slippery and to keep people safe. Our metal exterior non-slip stair treads are mounted into the nosings, and the nosings are then mounted into the steps. This gives you assurance that they will remain affixed to the step.

This product is a cost-efficient and easy to install solution to minimize the risks associated with slips and falls. This product can also make cracked or chipped boards look so much better.

Our exterior non slip stair treads are manufactured extruded aluminum with a special traction surface that is made of privately formulated epoxy abrasive non-slip bits that form permanently integrated strips that are mounted in the aluminum tread. We make stair treads that will glow in the dark making the stair edge clearly visible. The sightline is clearly identifiable in the dark.

Our exterior non slip stair treads are 9/32 inch thick with pre-drilled and counter sunk mounting holes. Our treads are made to order to so we are certain to meet your requirements with a high quality product. all of our products are high quality and designed to meet your needs for safety and appearance.