Drywall Cornerbead

Drywall CornerbeadDrywall cornerbead are installed to protect the outside corners of your walls from scratches that is caused by dragging a piece of furniture across or rubbing a solid object against it and from dents which are caused when solid objects accidently hit the corner of your walls. Drywall cornerbead is plastered onto a wall to tidy up rough edges or corners in the wall and also offers finesse to the overall look of the protruding wall.
There are different types of drywall cornerbead of which you will read below, but the most standard shape of a drywall cornerbead used in many constructions is the L shaped cornerbead. This drywall cornerbead is also very easy and simple to install at home. Following are the types of drywall cornerbeads that will interest you, especially if you are planning or purchasing any of these.

Types of drywall cornerbead
1. L Shaped cornerbead: This 90 degree angled cornerbead measures about 1