Door Strike Plates

door-strike-plates-img.jpgDoor strike plates help in securing the dead bolt that is extended from the door knobs of your bedroom or front door, thus ensuring the door is locked and will be unlocked only if the owner unlocks the door knob which in turn retracts the bolt from the recess within the strike plate. A recess is that area in the door jamb created by chiseling out the wood from that part of the door frame which is in flush with the dead bolt from the door handles and door knobs.

It is this recess area within the door strike plates which holds the length of the dead bolt securely and is outlined by the door strike plates of various lengths, styles and designs. The recess is chiseled out before installing the door strike plates over it. So, before installing your door strike plates, you will need to create a recess in the door jamb. Follow the easy to do tips below to know how to create the recess.

5 Tips On How To Create A Recess For The Door Strike Plates
1. Once your door knob is in place, you now need to install the door strike plates in the door frame opposite to the door knob. This can be done by first determining the location of the dead bolt, so that the recess can be created. Using a felt pen or lipstick mark the edge of the dead bolt and close the door until you hear the bolt hitting the door frame. Now open the door and see where the lipstick or felt pen from the bolt has made a mark on the door jamb.
2. When you spot the mark from the bolt, take the strike plate and position or center the hole in the strike plate in such a way that the mark is visible through the hole. Now using a pencil make an outline of the hole in the plate, the outline of the strike plate and screw holes of the plate onto the door jamb. These marking will help you in creating a proper recess.
3. Using a power drill, pre-drill the screw holes onto the door frame. Now using the spade bit in the power drill start making a hole big enough to secure the dead bolt in place, but not so big that it will be bigger than the hole in the strike plate.
4. Now take the chisel and start removing the wood from the drilled hole with the help of a hammer. You can also use a utility knife to score the edges for a perfect recess. Make sure you carve out the wood and create a deep recess for the length of the dead bolt.
5. Once done, place the strike plate to see if the recess is in line with the plate or not. Then remove any dust accumulated near the strike plate. Now screw the door strike plate in place and close the door and see if the bolt fits into the recess smoothly or not.

You can screw on or install any kind of door strike plates into your door jamb provided you create a recess for securing the dead bolt in place. With the above easy to do tips, you will not only be able to create a recess, but will also install your favorite door strike plates in place with ease!