Door Sill Plates

Door Sill PlatesDoor sill plates also known as thresholds are usually installed in a doorway or at the entrance of any house. These door sill plates act as a protective layer, preventing or sealing off the entry of water, mud or dirt particles into the house. Apart from preventing the entry of these articles, the door sill plates also protect the flooring or subfloors of some houses, which are densely populated.
Many door sill plates are either made from wood, metal or hardwood floors and come in a variety of styles and designs that you can choose in order to install these door sill plates for the entrance of your home. These door sill plates can be easily worn-out over the years due to its rough usage, so instead of hiring carpenters to come and repair the almost broken or worn-out door sills, why don’t you replace these door sill plates by yourself, right at home!
Tips On How To Replace Door Sill Plates At Home
Things required
– Hammer
– Jig saw
– Chisel
– Replacement sill
– screwdriver
– Vacuum cleaner
– Scraper
– Wood plugs or an automotive body filler
– Measuring tape
– Silicone sealant
– Wooden shims
– Expanding insulation foam
– Varnish
Procedure for replacing the worn-out door sill plates
1. Before removing the broken door sill plates, check how they have been fastened into place. Like metal door sills are fastened with screws, while wooden sills are fastened with either screws or nails. Then using a screwdriver, remove the screws from the threshold and pry it up with the help of a chisel from the joists placed underneath.
2. Replace any other damage area underneath the door sill before replacing it with a new sill plate. Then clear the area away from any kind of nails, broken wood, chips etc. and then vacuum clean the area of any dust and dirt particles. After that make sure the edges of the doorway is void of any rot or damage to the wood especially to the flooring underneath the new sill plate. If there is any old adhesive present on the flooring then scrape it away using a scraper. Fill the old nails or screw holes with wood plugs or an automotive body filler
3. Use the old door sill to mark measurements on the replacing sill or use a measuring tape and take the exact measurements and mark them on the new sill to be repaired. If the new sill needs to be trimmed, then saw it on the sides and place it in the doorway to check whether it is ready to be fitted perfectly in the doorway or not. Also make sure the door closes properly over the sill.
4. Then take the silicone sealant and apply an even coat onto the joint where the new sill is likely to make contact with the flooring. Then place the new door sill over the silicone sealant and seal it with the insulation foam underneath it so that it fills up any gaps or cracks in the flooring. This foam will replace the nails to be used for installing. Place wooden shims over the replaced sills so that it stays in position until the foams dries well for a 4 hours straight.
5. Apply an even coat of varnish over the replaced door sill and let that dry for some hours. After that check whether the door sill is a proper fit by opening and closing the door over the sill.
With the above tips you will realize how easy it is to replace your old door sills all on your own without having to call in the experts to do the job. Replacing old door sills is an easy job that many homeowners can do right at home!