Door Pulls

Door PullsDoor pulls are important when it comes to designing doors. It is through the door pulls that either opening or closing of doors becomes a very easy task. It provides a place for one to grip while applying force to the door. Designing a good door pull depends on ones creativity as there are uncountable designs available in the market today. During the process of design, the designer should be very sensitive to the door’s design as there should be uniformity. Visiting workshops where these door pulls are made can also give you an opportunity to customize your own door pull. This will depend on whether you’d wish your name to be engraved on the door pull or for the case of most companies where the company’s logo is normally engraved on the door pulls.
Door pull can be classified as high end, for average class and for lower class level. This will also determine the amount of money which one must part with to purchase a single peace. The price of a door pull will depend on very many factors. For instance, most customized ones are always very expensive. Moreover, the design will also determine the price which a door pull will go for. For instance, let’s compare the two door pulls below:

Material used to make these very vital equipment is also another factor which can be used to distinguish one door pull from the other and this also translates to the cost of the door pull.

A door pull is not a new invention as its history can be dated back to the Egyptian times when most door pulls were made from pure gold; a very prestigious metal. It was only used to make the door pulls of the king’s palace which was also use as a symbol of wealth and power. At the moment, buying a door pull made of just some percentage of gold will cost one very many dollars.
Their price will depend on how precious the kind of metal which has been used is valued economically. Dorr pulls made of diamond are also expensive. The most common door pulls which ordinary people can afford are those made of stainless steel and wood but not all as some are made of very pretty designs which are also expensive.

When choosing a door pull, other than looking at the material used, the design and the cost, it is also advisable to confirm whether the door pull will be strong enough to pull the door as doors also come in different sizes and so is the weight of the door.