Door Pull Handles

Door Pull HandlesDoor pull handles are important components of a door as it’s the most suitable point from which maximum momentum can be exerted to open a door. Not everyone treasures door handles as a lot of focus is mainly based on the door locks.
Various types of door pull handles can be classified depending on the type of material it is made of and the design. Although the size is also a very critical factor, but not to very many people. They can be classified as those made from gold, bronze, and steel.

The type of material from which a door handle is made of will always determine the price of the door handle. For instance, a door handle made of gold or some elements of gold will always be very expensive as compared to those made from plastic or any other form of material.

Other than this, door handles can also be classified depending on the design of the door handle. For example, customized door handles are always very expensive as the designer must either draw ones name of the company’s logo.
Visiting various home improvement workshops will always give you an opportunity to choose from the wide variety of various door pull designs. While choosing a door pull, it is advisable to consider the following factors:
– The cost of the door pull; always go for a pocket friendly door pull having in mind the possible maintenance cost and whether the equipment is durable or not.

– The material from which the door pull has been made from; it should be strong material which can support the possible force which might be applied to open the door; therefore, it is advisable to go for steel products rather than plastic material.
– Design of the door pull; a good design will always give your door a very impressive look as it will add more beauty to the door.

There are very many processes which can be used to make door pulls. A very common way of making door pull is molding. Most door pulls made through these mechanism are plastic and metal door pulls. It involves creating a creating the desired pattern into which the molten state of the metal to be used is poured while it’s in liquid form and given time to cool forming a replica of the desired pattern. This is one method which is used to obtain door pull handles with very complicated designs.
Another method used to make door pull handles is the extrusion method. It is widely used for plastic door pull handles. One on the most commonly shapes obtained through this method is a perfect cylinder.

Carving is one on the oldest ways to make door pulls. In most cases, a wooden door pulls are obtained through this method. It is possible to obtain variety of shapes through curving just as in the case of molding. The shape will depend on the creativity of the artist. To obtain a good door pull handle, never restrict yourself to just a single method.